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How to Run a Background Check

by Ross C.

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How to Run a Background Check

If you have ever gone on an interview, you must be familiar with the background check consent form that allows prospective employers to find out if you have a criminal past. While in the past it was mostly employers that conducted background checks, nowadays any person in the US can run these public records check. A national background check will tell you not just about the criminal past of people in your life, but also about other important details in their lives.

What Kind of Information Can I Find in a Background Check?

If you run a background check, you can find the following information about people you have questions about:

  • Full name/aliases
  • Current/past residence
  • Contact information
  • Marital status
  • Criminal records
  • Arrest records
  • Mugshots
  • Sexual Offenses

To find all these records, you need to use the best background check website that has access to all public records in the US.

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How to Run a Background Check?

Background checks are usually based on names, meaning that you can run a search by searching for public records registered under the name of a certain person. Accessing public records that contain the information listed above can be very difficult when you use traditional methods. A regular background check requires you to go to all the place that maintain them, such as courts. You can also check public records online, but you will need to run several checks on one person in a few different websites.

That is why special public records websites were formed, and they can provide you with all the background check information about a certain person in one place. To conduct a full background check, you will need to choose a website that can run the search for you.

There are two kinds of background check websites for you to choose from – a paid for background check website and a free background check website. While the free option sounds very tempting, you need to keep in mind that they do not have access to all public records. Why? Because they do not have the financial means for it. Also, free background check websites do not operate a customer support service, as well as a security system, so they are not the best option.

How to Run a Professional Background Check

If you want to make sure that you have all the information found in public records, you need to choose the best background check engine. GoLookUp can give you access to all the public records in the US and give you data about any person. You can run a background check on GoLookUp by using one of its professional services:

  • Name-based people search
  • Reverse phone number search
  • Reverse email search
  • Reverse Address

Aside from these 4 essential services, GoLookUp also provides users with additional services, such a criminal records check, sex offender search, companies information and much more. By simply entering a person's name into one of GoLookUp's search queries, you will be able to get a full background check report on the person you are searching for. The unlimited searches on GoLookUp enable you to find valuable information on any person in the US. All the searches are performed in a matter of minutes to give you the best background check service available today.

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Why Run a Background Check?

Today we can find information on people in search engines and social media websites, so why use background checks? For the simple reason that these search queries do not always provide the truth. People can falsify information on their social media profiles and on any other public platform.

In contrast, public records cannot be falsified, so all the data you receive from GoLookUp is 100% accurate and reliable. That way, you can find valuable details about the people in your life, such as work colleagues, potential love interest, neighbors, people who are involved in your children's lives, and any other person you want to know more about. You can also run a background check on yourself and see what other people find when they run a check on your name.

Background check reports allow employers to keep their environment safe, and you can do the same. To keep yourself and your loved ones away from harm, run a background check and find out what lies in the past of the people in your life.


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