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Nespresso Machine: Should You Get One?

by Peggy B.

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Nespresso Coffee Maker - Overview and should You Buy One

Perhaps the quest every coffee lover wants is the perfect espresso first thing in the morning. But even a regular coffee drinker knows that it’s not the easiest to make an espresso, let alone at home. The fine art of having pressurized steam run through powdered coffee grounds to immediately release the strong aroma, flavor and taste into a small shot with a thick froth delights every ardent coffee lover. But cleaning the coffee machines after making every brew can turn into a nightmare, if not done properly and regularly.

Enter Nespresso Coffee Maker

It’s a specially designed espresso machine which uses capsules that contain ground coffee. Once these capsules are used, they just need to be thrown away, eliminating the hassle of cleaning the machine.  Although, there is a wide range of coffees available at Nespresso, every variety of coffee tastes the same across all Nespresso machines. This is possible because all of their machines use a patented technology in which air-tight capsules are exposed to 19 bars of pressure and makes a creamy aromatic espresso at the touch of a button.


The different kinds of coffees you can make

The different machines allow you to make different kinds of coffee and are divided into two lines, the Original and the Vertuo. The Original line focuses on espresso-based coffees, while the Vertuo has the full range of hot and cold coffees, and use a different capsule shape and size than Original line machines.  You can either choose a standard espresso of around 40ml or maybe a shorter ristretto at 25ml. You can also get the double shot espresso at around 110 ml that Nespresso calls Lungo. Some machines also offer milk options, with cappuccinos, lattes and cold coffee variants.

The convenience of the machines is at the heart of their design. Those machines that offer milk options can remove the milk canister and store it in the fridge until the next time they need to use it. The Vertuo range has a canister that can make the milk cold or hot at the touch of a button.

If you buy your coffee at a coffee shop every day, then buying a Nespresso will definitely save you money, but at the same time, it makes for a pretty expensive cup of coffee at home. If your daily cup costs Rs. 120, then each Nespresso capsule (when bought as 50 pack of 5 different varieties at Rs.3970 on Amazon) will work out to around Rs.80 per cup. Not to mention the added cost of the Nespresso machine itself. While there are third party suppliers that sell cheaper capsules compatible with Nespresso, they fall short on taste and consistency compared to Nespresso.

Nespresso Coffee Pods

While the convenience of the Nespresso is undeniable, it really is a matter of what your priorities are when it comes to coffee. If you are someone who really loves his espresso you don’t mind the price of each cup, then the Nespresso will not disappoint you. The Essenza Mini is the most affordable and is the best value for money. But if you want a slightly upgraded version that offers more water storage and used capsule container, you could choose the CitiZ with or without the milk option.

Coffee brewing is an art and coffee connoisseurs know by to judge the brew by the very look and smell of it. Most of you may still like to go the traditional manual way of making a cup, but times have changed. So why shouldn’t you too? There’s no better way to upgrade your coffee-making practice than the Nespresso Coffee Maker. It’s perhaps the closest to a proper espresso machine at home, and if you love drinking coffee, it will be a welcome addition to your life.




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