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Nevada Income Tax Law in Full

by Garry S.

Nevada Income Tax Law, Nevada Income Tax Laws

What are the Income Law Requirements in the State of Nevada?

Tax is a mandatory financial charge levied upon an individual or other legal entity by a government organization. Tax system changes from country to country and from state to state. The tax collected acts as revenue to fund governing the state functions. Tax can affect the prices of products and services. It also causes income effect as tax reduces the purchasing power of the individual.

Nevada tax system

In the state of Nevada, the Department of Taxation governs the state tax. It administers the collection and distribution of the state tax revenues. The mission of the department of taxation in Nevada is to provide efficient and effective administration of tax programs. The tax program is administered fairly by applicable statutes, regulations, and policies.

Nevada taxpayers must pay a larger percentage of their income on tax than the average American. About 21% of their income is paid as the tax which accounts for federal tax, state tax property tax, and sales tax. The article will give information on the Nevada tax system.

Nevada Income Tax Law

Personal income tax in Nevada

Personal income tax is the direct tax levied on an individual, partnership, non-juristic body of a person and undivided estate, based on the income. Nevada is one of the seven states in the U.S. with no personal income tax. Irrespective of your income, you pay 0% state tax. Wages, winnings, or capital gains, all are free from state tax. Nevada residents pay federal income tax but not state personal income tax.

Sales tax in Nevada

Nevada State does not charge personal income tax. It makes up for it with a higher than average sales tax. The sales tax in Nevada varies from county to county as some impose local sales tax as well. Most goods/merchandise and service is subject to tax. But there are a few exceptions. Unprepared food, farm machinery and equipment, newspapers, prescription drugs, and credit card interest and carrying charges are not subject to sales tax. The tax levied on tobacco is low compared to other states in the U.S. In the case of alcohol, sales tax is applied in addition to the excise tax.


Consumer use tax in Nevada

Use tax is applied when the good or service is delivered to or used in the state of Nevada. It is the same as the base consumer sales tax rate. It must be paid

  • If taxable property or service is purchased by phone, internet or catalog, and it is delivered or used in Nevada
  • If taxable property or service is purchased from a seller located outside Nevada and it is delivered or used in Nevada
  • If the property is sent out of Nevada, taxable service performed on the property and shipped back to Nevada

In such cases as above, the Department of Taxation in the State of Nevada applies a user tax on the property/good or service.

Nevada Income Tax Laws

Property tax in Nevada

Property tax is the tax levied directly on the property. It is an annual amount paid to the area municipal or government, by the landowner. Property includes tangible real estate.  The property tax in Nevada is comparatively below the national average. The tax varies depending on the assessed value of the home and the local tax rates. The taxes collected to pay for services such as roads, schools, and police. The tax you pay when you receive property from someone is called inheritance tax or estate tax. Nevada does not have an inheritance tax.

The Nevada Department of Taxation aims at

  • steady administration of tax statues
  • provide improved and competent service to taxpayers
  • training and communication for improved personnel proficiency
  • cooperation with agencies and entities to provide better service to the taxpayers
  • technology-based improvement in tax administration
  • promotion of fair treatment of all taxpayers

The Department of Taxation in Nevada collects most of its revenue through sales tax, tax on alcohol, cigarette, casino and hotel industries. State tax laws are complex and change from year to year. But, Nevada taxpayers enjoy the most tax-friendly environments in the U.S.


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