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New Hampshire Employment Law Explained in Full

by Eddie V.

New Hampshire Employment Law, New Hampshire Employment Laws

Employment Laws: What are Employment Laws in New Hampshire?

Irrespective of how dear your job is to you, it is essential for you to know the employment laws that may affect you if you are residing in New Hampshire. Also, an employer has specific responsibilities, which they must take care of. If they fail to keep them, you can claim against him/her although you could be still employed. After all, these employment laws have been enforced to protect your interests. These policies explain how you are protected at a workplace in New Hampshire. Check out some of the major employment laws in New Hampshire below:

Employment laws against discrimination in New Hampshire

If you are working in New Hampshire, your employer is prohibited under the employment law to discriminate against you at the workplace based on specific protected characteristics. These include:

  • Gender identity
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation (perceived or real)
  • National origin
  • Religious creed
  • Mental or physical disability
  • Marital status
  • Color
  • Race
  • Gender (including pregnancy)

The law also restricts the firing of employees or taking any retaliatory action by an employer just because the former takes part in any discrimination proceeding or lodged a discrimination complaint.

New Hampshire Employment Law

Personnel file access in New Hampshire
Both former and existing employees can request an employer to see their personnel files. Employers should offer a reasonable opportunity for their employees to review such records. However, employers can charge a copying fee for the same.

Discussion of wages in New Hampshire
Under the equal pay law of the state, employers cannot stop their employees from divulging details about them, and this cannot be put as a condition in the latter's employment terms. Also, employers in the state cannot discriminate against their employees, discipline, or terminate the latter just because they have shared their wages, paid benefits, or salaries.

Whistleblower protections in New Hampshire

The law aims to safeguard the interests of employees who did any of the following in good faith:

  • Did not agree in implementing any illegal direction
  • Refused to or raised objections to take part in any unlawful activity
  • Reports that any local, state or federal law has been violated
  • Takes part in any government hearing or investigation regarding charges that their employer violated local, state, or federal law.

It is imperative to note that specific employment laws can overlap between the local, state, and federal law. In such a case, the rule, which offers the greatest benefits, will ideally apply.

New Hampshire Employment Laws

Equal pay in New Hampshire

The equal pay law in New Hampshire typically restricts employers from differentiating between his/her employees by gender.

However, employers can pay distinct wages by:

  • Any performance-based or merit system
  • Seniority system
  • Expertise
  • Any system, which measures income by production quality or quantity
  • Demonstrate other factors like experience, training, or education
  • Shift differentials

Overtime in New Hampshire
Eligible employees should get paid at a time-and-one-half rate for hours worked above forty hours a week.

Minimum wage in New Hampshire
The minimum wage in New Hampshire is tied to the minimum wage determined by the federal law. Minimum wage rate is different for those employees who get tips.

Meal breaks in New Hampshire

Employers should not force their employees to work for more than five consecutive hours without offering them a lunch break for about half an hour. The exception to this is when an employee can eat when he/she works, and the employer permits the worker to do so.


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