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New Jersey Child Custody Laws

by Alvin V.

New Jersey Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws New Jersey

Child Custody Laws in New Jersey

The Child Custody Laws in New Jersey are almost as similar as any other state, especially in regards to the custody that the parents are allowed, the requirements of the child, and what are the prerequisites that make one parent more favorable for child custody as compared to the other parent. It is best advised for any parent to read through the child custody laws in a careful and thorough manner, in order to fully determine the eligibility of getting custody of their child.

New Jersey Child Custody Laws are the same as the Child Custody Law of any other state, except there are some things which may influence the decision of the courts either in or against your favor. These things include the following factors:

  • The interaction that the child as with both the parents, and whether it prefers one parent over another.
  • The preference of the child will be given utmost importance, even over the testimony and the preference of the parents. However, this is only applicable if the court determines that the child has reached a level of sufficient maturity, and has the ability to make decisions for oneself. This is usually when the child reaches an age of 12 years or above.
New Jersey Child Custody Laws
  • The stability that the child has in both the environment of the mother as well as the father. This is determined through the testimonies of the parents, the child, as well as other providers like the primary guardians, social workers, and child support therapists.
  • The mental and physical health of the parents.
  • The employment of the parents, and whether they will be able to take care of the full-time needs of a growing child in a manner which does not hamper their economic condition in any way.

Kinds of Child Custody Available

According to the Child Custody Laws in New Jersey, the child will have an easier upbringing and will become a healthier adult if they are able to have the company and attention of both the parents, instead of just one. Thus, instead of the influence of just one parent, New Jersey, Child Custody Laws try to involve both the parents in bringing up the child. The different kinds of child custody include the following:

New Jersey Child Custody Laws

  • Joint Custody: The child lives with one parent, with frequent visitation chances with the other parent. Or, the child lives with both the parents alternatively, depending on the living arrangements which are determined by the parents themselves. In addition to this, the parents will have complete equality when deciding on the educational and the medical factors of the child.
  • Sole Custody: The child only lives with one parent, and can meet the other parent for some time every week. However, if the parent is deemed to be abusive either to the child or to the parent having sole custody, then any chance of visitation is revoked completely. In addition to this, Child Custody Laws also state that if both the parents are not deemed to have the best of the child at heart, then the child can be taken from both of them, and entrusted to a primary guardian instead.

Other Factors Influencing Child Custody Law

If the court sees that one parent is being more co-operative, and is more willing to put aside their differences with the other parent for the sake of healthy growth of the child, then the courts will be more willing to give custody to the more co-operative parent. This, this parent gets a definite advantage when fighting for custody. In addition, the court also sees which parent has a closer relationship with the child.


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