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13 Craziest Laws in New Jersey

by Garry S.

Craziest Laws in New Jersey, Craziest New Jersey Laws

New Jersey Crazy Laws

New Jersey is known for many things: it is called The Garden State, it has the largest number of diners in the world, it is the home of Toni Soprano, it has the tallest water tower in the world and the longest boardwalk. Yes, there are plenty of interesting things to know about New Jersey, but there are a few tidbits you probably do not know… like the rest of the states in the union, there are some pretty crazy New Jersey laws that you probably don't know. So, get better acquainted with The Garden State, and read some of the weirdest New Jersey Laws.

Weirdest New Jersey Laws

It is illegal to slurp soup

We guess the good people of Ocean City have some pretty sensitive ears; it is actually illegal to slurp soup there!

Men cannot knit during certain times of the year

If you like to knit and fish – better not combine the two while you are in New Jersey. During fishing season, men are prohibited from knitting. Better wait for the fishing season to be over.

You cannot get drunk in your house and annoy other people in Mount Laurel

109-1. Unlawful acts.

"A. No person shall, within the limits of the Township of Mount Laurel:

(1) Be intoxicated or drunk or disorderly in any public omnibus, street, highway, thoroughfare or on any sidewalk or in any private house, home or in any boardinghouse, store, restaurant or other private, public or quasi-public place or house to the annoyance of any person."

Craziest Laws in New Jersey

It is illegal to sound a horn while making Whoopi in the car

If you and your partner decide to get frisky in your car while visiting the city of Liberty, you better be careful. If the horn goes off while you are getting busy, you can face jail time!

You cannot eat pickles on Sundays

In the city of Trenton, New Jersey, you cannot eat pickles on Sundays.

You cannot annoy members of the opposite sex in Haddon

175-12. Offending or annoying persons in public places.

"Whoever accosts or approaches any person of the opposite sex unknown to such person and by word, sign or gesture attempts to speak to or to become acquainted with such person against his will, on a public street or other public place in the Township, except in the transaction of legitimate business, or whoever attempts to entice or procure a person of the opposite sex to commit an unlawful act, or whoever accosts or approaches any person and by word, sign or gesture suggests or invites the doing of any indecent or unnatural act, shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished as provided in this chapter."

Eating ice cream after 6 PM requires a doctor's note

Okay, this is definitely one of the weirdest New Jersey laws we have come across… if you get a hankering for the frozen dessert in Newark, you better have a doctor's note with you.

Craziest New Jersey Laws

It is illegal to boil bones

In Sea Isle City, there is a special law against the boiling of bones.

You cannot give zoo animals booze or cigarettes

In the city of Manville, you could be tossed to jail if you offer whiskey or cigarettes to the animals in the local zoo. We definitely support this one.

You cannot throw a bad pickle in the street

Again, in the city of Trenton with its pickles, there is a local law that prohibits the tossing of bad pickles in the streets.

 It is illegal to frown at a police officer

You better put on your smile when you see the good men and women in blue of New Jersey; frowning at them is a big no-no.

Birds cannot poop on statues

We have yet to meet a pigeon that can resist the urge to poop on statutes. Maybe they're all in New Jersey…

Crazy Laws
Trees the "obscure the air" cannot be planted in Blairstown

171-2. Shade trees.

"The streets of the township shall be used for the purpose of public travel only, with such other use of the same as is necessarily connected with public travel. Shade trees may be planted along the streets, highways, and alleys, but not within the prescribed limits of the same. Such trees shall be planted so as not to obscure light and air and shall not be so close as to interfere with the lawful use of such streets, highways, and alleys. They shall be properly trimmed by the owners of adjoining premises. No person shall wantonly or negligently cut or destroy any such shade trees without the consent of the owner of the adjoining premises and of the Committee and occupants."

Well, what did you think about New Jersey's craziest laws? Do you think the laws where you come from can top it? If you want to read about more of the craziest laws in the United States, go to GoLookUp.


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