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New Mexico Labor Laws and Employee Rights in New Mexico

by Keren P.

New Mexico Labor Law, New Mexico Labor Laws

What are the New Mexico Labor Laws?

Though many people are opposed and are not able to stomach the fact that the laws of the land bind them, it is a fact that every one of us should abide by the laid-down laws. Laws are not shackles, but they, directly and indirectly, benefit people. In short, laws have been established only to help people lead a life with peace of mind. This fact holds good for labor laws also. Let us now look at the labor laws of New Mexico.

The uniqueness of New Mexico labor laws
Among the labor laws of various states of the USA, those of New Mexico is unique in the sense that they mainly deal with wages. The wage that currently prevails in the state is $7.50 an hour. But if the employees of a company earn tips and if these tips are a part of their regular compensation, the company has the rights as well as options to pay the employees lower minimum wages. But this clause comes with a condition and the condition is that the tips the employees earn and their salaries should total up to at least the minimum wage rate that prevails in the state.

New Mexico Labor laws that pertain to overtime
If employees work beyond 40 hours a work week, their employers should pay them overtime. The rate of overtime is one-and-half times of their base pay rate. This rule, however, comes with an exemption. Specific categories are not eligible for this overtime payment.

New Mexico Labor Law

State of New Mexico lunch break laws
According to the labor laws of the state of New Mexico, employers need not provide their employees with a lunch break or a meal period. As far as those employees who have bona fide lunches or meals are concerned, they need not also be paid. This means these employees are officially off-duty during such breaks. These breaks must be for thirty minutes.


Labor laws that pertain to leave in the state of New Mexico

The labor laws of the state of New Mexico respect the rights of employers and more particularly, their rights to provide their employees with paid leave. This paid leave is inclusive of vacation time, sick time, holiday time-off, paid time-off that is also called PTO, and occasionally, that is availed due to inclement weather. But this benefit of paid leave is discretionary which means the implementation of this and extending this benefit depends on the employers.

In fact, according to the labor laws of the federal government as well as those of the state of New Mexico, employers are not required to provide their employees with a paid leave of any type, though these laws come with exemptions. However, employees can avail unpaid leave during certain circumstances. Examples of these circumstances are when the employees have to render military service, when there are medical or family emergencies, when they sustain injuries, when they are on jury duty, when they suffer from verifiable illnesses, and when they go for voting.

New Mexico Labor Laws

Companies that have 50 employees or more must allow their qualified employees to avail unpaid leave of 12 weeks a year for mitigation of illness and their health care. Occasionally, employers allow longer leaves also but these are rare circumstances. Employees are eligible for an unpaid leave of 14 days a calendar year for handling legal issues related to incidents of domestic violence.

According to labor laws of New Mexico,  employees are allowed to leave for jury duty also. But employers cannot force their employees to avail paid time-off for taking up jury duty. In other words, employers should recognize the employees' obligation for serving jury duty.


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