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New York Police Department: Management, Hours of Operations, Address and Contact Data

by Roni G.

New York Police Department, NYPD
Overview of the New York Police Department

The police department of New York City is popularly referred to as NYPD or the New York Police Department. It is the most important agency for investigation and law enforcement in New York City, New York. 

New York Police Department background and address

It was in May 1845 when the NYPD was initially set up. It is one of America's most ancient police departments and is also considered as the country's largest police force. The headquarters of the New York Police Department is situated in Lower Manhattan's 1 Police Plaza, Park Row. The police headquarters of the city is close to the City Hall.

Equipped with extensive laboratory, crime scene investigation resources, and many units that support crime investigations, the NYPD is a genuinely robust department. Its detectives operate a huge data warehouse and computer crime investigations so that officers get all the necessary assistance while conducting their investigations.

New York Police Department

Microsoft has entered into a joint project with the NYPD to implement the department's Domain Awareness System. The system connects around six thousand closed-circuit TV cameras, as well as other surveillance devices like license plate readers to form a high-tech integrated system. The popularity of this police department can be understood from the fact that its fictionalized versions have often been portrayed in various video games, movies, TV, and radio programs.

New York Police Department management and ranks

The Police Commissioner heads the NYPD or New York Police Department. The Mayor of the city makes the appointment of the department's Police Commissioner. The function of the Police Commissioner is to ensure that the city has a secure and safe environment and enhance the standard of living quality for all residents of New York City. 

The First DC or Deputy Commissioner reports to the Commissioner of Police. Other high-ranking police officers who report to him are the Chief of Departments and Deputy Commissioners and Bureau Chiefs. 

The initial rank designated to the first-time officers is called probationary police officers who are also known as recruit officers. All these cops successfully complete a tenure of 5.5 to 6 months of service in the police departments, or at times even longer than that in various tactical, physical, and academic training programs to eventually finish their graduation from the city's Police Academy. 


Although these first-time police cops get the official designation of probationary police officers, they are also known as police officers and at times are also informally referred to as a "rookie" till the time they finish a probationary period of another 18 months. 

The New York City's entry-level appointment made to the detectives is specialists, or in 3rd grade, a detective who falls within the 2nd grade approximately gets the same pay as that of the sergeant while the payment of a 1st-grade detective is more or less same as that of a lieutenant's.

While police officers, like detectives, typically have to discharge investigatory duties, they do not have any supervisory authority. Detectives who are in the first-grade report to the sergeants or even above that designations. Similar to these detectives, even lieutenants and sergeants can get increments in their pay grades within their ranks.

New York Police Department Info

Once the officers go to the rank of captain, they get promoted to levels in the following order as mentioned below:
  • Deputy inspector
  • Inspector
  • Deputy Chief
  • Assistant chief
  • Bureau chief
  • Chief of departments
  • It is the Police Commissioner who has the discretionary power of promoting cops, like police officers to detectives. It can be a requirement by the law if the police officer has served an investigative duty of 18 months or more. 
Contact details of NYPD

Some of the critical numbers to contact the New York City of Police Department are listed below:
  • Non-emergency number 311, Emergency number 911
  • Reporting line for sex crimes 212-267-RAPE
  • General inquiries to NYPD 646-610-5000
  • Terrorism Hot Line 888-NYC-SAFE
  • To know about the case status of missing persons 212-694-7781
New York Police Department duty hours

A day is broken down into three separate shifts of 8 hours and 35 minutes each in the New York Police Department. All police officers of the police department have to work in five of such shifts every week. 


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