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Notorious Indian Tribes in the United States

by Kelly B.

Native American, Notorious Indian Tribes

Notorious Indian Tribes in the United States

The Indian tribes in the United States were extremely interesting, thanks to their varying cultures and the way they lead their lives in the country. The tribes were quite different from one another, as some focused on agriculture, while others were hunters and nomads, roaming around the American soil for centuries.

Most people see the Indian tribes as them as nobles, who also got wiped out by the Europeans, while driving them away from their lands. However, a lot of the Indian tribes were notorious, due to their warmongering and savage ways. Here are the three most notorious Indian tribes in the United States:


One of the major Native American tribes in the country, they resided in the southwest region. Their homelands consisted of deserts, canyons, valleys, mountains, and plains. For several centuries, the Apaches kept fighting with the Mexicans and the invading Spanish settlers. After Mexico got its independence in 1821, they placed bounties on the tribe. As a result, several leaders of the tribe, along with their family members, lost their lives.

However, that didn’t hinder the Apaches, as they conducted several raids against the Mexicans, killing thousands in the process. Their frequent raids forced the Mexicans to abandon hundreds of settlements. Also, this Native American tribe participated in the Apache Wars, which lasted more than 50 years. The conflict was between the United States, the Confederate, and the American settlers, against numerous Apache tribes. The Apaches were fearless, as they went out of their way to preserve their homelands, traditions, and lifestyle.

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Out of all the Native American tribes, none were feared as much as the Comanches. They were hunter-gathers, who lived a simple life in the United States. During 1625 – 1750, the Comanches underwent significant transformation, a change matched by only a handful of nations. After acquiring horses from the Spanish, they became masters of these animals. They learned how to use these animals in war, which made them almost unstoppable. Their warriors stopped the Spanish from advancing inside North America. Even the French had to accept defeat, due to the immense power of the Comanches.

When the Comanches decided to raid, they brought with them unspeakable destruction and terror. After killing people in the attack, they raped the women, murdered them, and took the survivors as captives. Most of the time, it was the Comanches women who had to torture the captives, an indicator of their brutality. They came up with horrible torture techniques, which killed their enemies slowly and painfully. Despite having a huge territory, they were able to keep the Americans away from their lands for several decades.

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Another Native American tribe, the Lakota tribe were situated in current day North and South Dakota. After the Lakota got introduced to horses, they used these animals to hunt buffalos. The Lakotas attacked a village in Nebraska and killed a large number of people. In 1873, during the Massacre Canyon battle against the Pawnee, killed hundreds of people from this tribe, forcing them to leave Nebraska.

Despite the presence of the United States Army, they continued to attack and raid settlers. From 1866 to 1868, the two fought, as Lakota didn’t want the Americans to mine their sacred Black Hills. In 1876, during the Battle of the Greasy Grass, Lakota, along with their allies were able to beat the U.S cavalry. They were also able to fight and wipe out an entire battalion belonging to US Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer. However, their victory didn’t last long as they lost to the U.S in the Great Sioux War.

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