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Ohio Child Custody Laws

by Dixil T.

Ohio Child Custody Laws, Child Custody

What are the Ohio Child Custody Laws?

Court systems all through the United States generally have varied standard practices and regulations based on the state. This rule applies to the state of Ohio as well. These practices and laws have a direct impact on the decision of the court concerning the custody of the child. This makes it highly essential that you get to know these practices and laws before you get into the courtroom.

Who will get the Child’s Custody?

If parents cannot arrive at the decision about whom to take care of the minor child upon their separation, the court will consider the best interest of the minor child in deciding on his/her custody. In deciding on the interest of the kid, the court will consider many different suitable factors. After getting the appropriate evidence on the matter of custody and after the court admits the evidence, the court will apply the evidence to different factors in deciding on the child’s custody. Accordingly, who will get the custody of the child will differ from one case to another.

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How will the Family Courts in Ohio Decide the Child’s Custody?

The local law in the State of Ohio identifies the best interest of the kid by examining different suitable factors as mentioned earlier. In deciding on the custody, not just the interest of the kid, but also the interest of the parents will be considered by the court. If the court finds that the child is old enough and has sufficient reasoning ability, the child will be interviewed by the judge in his chamber for considering his wishes.

In this process, the court will also consider how the child interacts with his/her siblings and parents. Judges do not wish to break the association between siblings. They also do not want to fracture the relationships between family members. So, they would favor the arrangements that are conducive for the on-going healthy family interactions. Further, the court will also take into account how well the kid might attune to a modified living arrangement. Further, the court will consider not just emotional and mental, but also the physical health and wellbeing of both the child and the parents.

Moreover, the actions of the parents are also considered important. Court will appreciate the parents, who have shown due respect in the past concerning custody decisions and for the relationship of the other parent with a child. As compared to the parent, who has not fulfilled child support obligations in the past will be less favorable to get the custody of the child as compared to the parent, who has done in the past.

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Also, the court will consider any domestic or sexual abuse or any other type of abuse committed to the kid by an extended family member. If this is the case, the custody of the child will be decided based on safeguarding him/her from further abuse. The family courts in Ohio will not consider one parent over the other purely on financial status alone.

What to do After the Court Orders the Child’s Custody?

If your child’s custody has been ordered by the family court in Ohio and once the visitation and custody agreement has been arrived at, there are many tools available to help you rightly honor the court order. These tools will be of great help to you in organizing your parenting plan calendar. Even, they will help you continue your co-parenting by communicating with your X-partner. Even, the troublesome conflict management when you are newly divorced can be handled effectively with the help of these tools. A web search will help you identify such tools and they can make sure that you rightly abide by the court rules with respect to the custody of your child.


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