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Oil Change - What You Need to Know

by Eddie V.

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When you own a vehicle, you need to change the engine oil on a regular basis, so that your automobile is in great condition. Also, when you change the oil, it gives mechanics the opportunity to inspect your vehicle for problems.

But, you might be apprehensive of heading to an oil change shop, as you may believe it isn’t worth the money. Today, you will understand why you should change oil, along with how to identify when you have to pay a visit to the mechanic.

Why is oil change important?

Oil change is important to your vehicle for the following reasons:

Improve mileage

As you own a vehicle, you want it to give you the best mileage, so that you can save hundreds of dollars, which you would have to spend on fuel. There are several factors which include your mileage, such as maintenance, driving habits, and terrain.

Oil Change

When you take your vehicle to the oil change shop, the mechanic will clean all the dirt in your engine. The friction between the moving parts reduces, which has a positive impact on efficiency. As a result, the mileage will go up, allowing you to get maximum value out of your vehicle.

Increase the life of the engine

The engine is extremely important to your vehicle, as you can’t use it without this vital component. The oil in the engine is essential, as it lubricates various parts of the engine. The engine parts don’t suffer from extensive wear and tear, during operation. As time passes, the oil becomes dirty, which adds to the wear and tear. 

Safeguard various parts of the engine

The engine has numerous moving parts, such as pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, and camshaft. All these parts play are crucial, as they help in performing various functions. For instance, the camshaft is responsible for closing and opening the exhaust valves of your vehicle. When you change the oil, it continues to protect these moving elements, allowing them to function for a longer duration.

Signs you need to change the oil in your vehicle

Now that you are aware of why you should change the oil in your vehicle, you need to find out if need to do the same to your automobile. Here are four signs which indicate you need to bring your vehicle to an oil change shop:

The odor of oil inside the vehicle

If you get the odor of oil inside your vehicle, it is a huge indicator that you need to take it an oil change shop as soon as possible. You are getting this smell because of the mixing of the exhaust gases with the oil. The main reason why this takes place is due to overheating, which allows oil to burn near the exhaust portion of your vehicle. If you don’t take immediate action, you are putting yourself and your vehicle in danger of a fire.

Oil Change Near Me

Oil is dirty and dark

When the oil is new, it has an amber color, while being translucent at the same time. As you continue to use your vehicle, the oil starts collecting particles, which changes its color. You will never know how clean the engine oil is, without taking a look. Make it a point to inspect the oil in your engine every month.

Oil change light is on

An obvious sign which will tell you that you need to visit a mechanic is when the oil change light comes on in the dash. The vehicle is letting you know that there aren’t adequate amounts of oil in the engine for optimal performance.

If you observe any of these issues in your vehicle, make it a point to visit the mechanic as soon as possible. Also, remember to take your vehicle to the best oil change shop in your area, so that your automobile gets world-class care from mechanics!


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