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Dating Statistics in the State of California

California the state where dreams come true. In the famous Katy Perry song, she said the grass is always greener in California. This song also makes California girls look the most attractive in the world. The state of California is on the west coast of America. According to Spanish folklore, California was once ruled by the mighty Amazonian warrior women's tribe, that is the reason the state was named after ‘Queen Califa’ the Amazon warrior Queen. This could also be the reason that Katy sings California girls are undeniable, unparalleled, and peerless.

California is the land of dreamers thanks to Los Angeles the home ground of Hollywood. The sunny skies and splendid beaches make it a great place to live in. There are some practical problems that Californians have to face. If you follow the news you will know about the annual forest fires, earthquakes, and drought that the state has to fight with. If you can manage these grave issues, California is an amazing place.

Dating Statistics California

Each year thousands of young talented people reach Las Vegas in California, with a pipe dream. Unfortunately, fame does not come easily or quickly. This is the reason you will find many young and gorgeous youngsters just hanging about waiting for their big break. Looks and body images are vital components in the dating scenario of California. All the people here really take their gym membership seriously and sometimes do not shy away from any cosmetic procedures to fix whatever they think is lacking.

Dating Statistics in California

According to a survey report filled out by people between the age of 16 to 22 in the state of California, most of them are willing to date but casually. This is also one of the reasons why the average marriage age is increasing and the marriage rate is decreasing. The new generation wants to spend more time and energy on first gaining financial and job security, or finish their education before getting married.

Here are some of the things that you can expect when you are out on a date in California:

  • The people of California, are outdoorsy and take their physical fitness very seriously. Do not be surprised if your first date is a hike in the mountains or an outdoor picnic.
  • Everyone has a gorgeous tan. As people are always our having a good time, most of the people have a natural tan which makes them even more attractive.
  • The people of California do not believe in sugar-coating their conversation. Everyone is open to honest chat about their believes, political or social vies. If they have an opinion about something you will surely know about it.
California Dating Statistics
  • Casual dressing is the way to go. All the people in Las Angeles, are either going to or coming back from the gym, rehearsal, callbacks or some kind of training session. Most of the people you meet in the street cafes will be casually dressed. The weather in California is also hot and humid most of the time, so wearing practical clothes makes sense.

Online Dating in California

More than 80% of the people aged below 25 are on some kind of online dating app or website. They constantly use Tinder or such apps to meet up for dates or casual hookups. Even if you are living together with your partner in California, it is now always considered serious. Rent is high and roommate makes life easier.

Dating Crime Statistics in California

You already know that young people depend highly on dating apps for their dates and to meet new people. Catfishing is a real challenge in this virtual dating world. Many people create fictitious online persona or profiles that they use to tempt someone into forming a relationship.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 16, 2020
Sensitive Information!