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Dating Statistics in the State of Colorado

In 2017, Colorado was one of the best states in the U.S. to discover love successfully. The state ranked second in the list of states for singles ready to mingle. The top-ranking was a result of several dating-friendly features in the state, including good gender balance among singles, low crime rate, excellent online, and mobile dating opportunities, and the presence of a good number of restaurants and movie theaters and the affordable cost of experience therein.

Colorado Dating Statistics in the State

A 2017 study by WalletHub, a personal finance website, fetched Denver, the Capital city of Colorado, a 4th spot in the Dating Opportunities category. The website measured 180 cities in the U.S. on the basis of 32 ranking parameters, including the number of singles in the city, availability of dating opportunities online, and the city’s nightlife scene.

The high percentage of singles in Denver increased the chances of a single meeting a match while the active nightlife increased the chances of singles attracting partners with a similar interest.

In a 2018 survey by Zumper, an apartment rental company, Boulder, Colorado, emerged as the hottest city for singles. The city topped the list on the basis of the following dating parameters:

  • Demography data of singles in the area
  • College degrees
  • City’s bar and restaurant scene
  • The extent of internet usage and access to dating apps, and
  • Average rental prices
Colorado Dating Statistics

The survey results showed that the percentage of singles in Boulder was high, and the percentage of singles with a college degree was even higher. As a result, the City was home to some of the nation’s most eligible single men and women.

Denver, however, received a bad rating in the Zumper study. The Capital ranked poorly at No. 65 in the list. The Zumper study involved a total of 300 cities in the U.S.

In 2019, Denver has emerged as one of the best cities for dating in the U.S. This time though, Denver is 10th on the list

Online Dating Statistics in the State

In a 2018 online dating study by AT&T, Colorado ranked 23rd out of 51 cities in the list. The ranking was based on 3 parameters:

  • Safety Rank- This parameter measured the risk of communicable diseases and violent crimes in a state as a result of online dating. The maximum score in this category was 25.
  • Demographics Rank – This parameter measured the population of singles, gender balance, population of single men and women with a Bachelor’s degree, unemployment rate and average earnings. The parameter weighed 35.
  • Online Dating Opportunity Rank – Factors such as possession of a computer or smartphone, inclination towards the use of online dating websites, and the success rate of online dating, were taken into account. This maximum score for the parameter was 40.

Colorado scored 24 in Safety Rank; 28 in Online Dating Opportunity Rank; and 15 in Demographics Rank.3

Online Dating Stats Colorado

Dating Crime Statistics in the State

According to a report published in The Denver Post, at least 53 crimes in Colorado’s capital city, Denver was spurred by dating apps in 2018. Almost 34% of these crimes were of rape where the victim and suspect connected through a dating app.

The nature of 7% of crimes triggered by dating apps is of fraud and harassment through telephones. Over 5% of the crimes spurred by dating apps amounted to extortion and theft. According to the Denver Department of Public Safety, the statistics of crimes spurred by dating apps may be more as Denver Police data may not have captured additional crimes that could have been caused by such apps.

According to Dinner for Six, a matchmaking company in Denver, 51% of people posing as singles on online dating websites, were re in a relationship already.

Going back, in a 2014 Colorado domestic violence study by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), it was revealed that 1, 018 people in the state were abducted by their former or current partners. Half of these abductions were carried out by former or current dating partners.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 23, 2020
Sensitive Information!