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Dating Shorter Guy Tips

Are you dating a shorter guy? Then you need these tips!

Dating can be fun especially when you meet people from different cultures, races, heights, and age. Today’s woman is breaking all the stereotypes and exploring all options such as dating a shorter male partner. The most important thing is that the person you date should be able to bring out the best in you, support your dreams and respect your decisions and your family.

Here are some quick tips for dating a guy shorter than you that you may find useful and you may be able to relate to if you already are dating one:

Infidelity – Research says that shorter men are more faithful and less likely to cheat on their partners.

Dating a Shorter Guy

Poise – A man who is able to date taller woman will typically have no insecurities and will be a happy and a confident person. He would know how to carry himself well and ensure he looks his best on his dates. He is also likely to be more open minded with no inhibitions or believing in old ideas such as the date a woman shorter than you.

Commitment – Dating a shorter guy means you are likely to see someone who is not scared of commitments and will have a more stable and long-lasting marriage.

Heels or no heels – Dating a shorter guy gives this big perk to women. They can choose to not wear their painful heels any time they feel. You can simply wear flats or sneakers and feel more relaxed. When you go on the first few dates, avoid wearing heels and bringing out the topic on height. You never know this guy could turn out to be your perfect one.

Dating a Shorter Guy Tips

Smartness quotient – It has been seen that genetically, shorter men are smarter than their taller counterparts.

Effort – Shorter men put in more effort in everything they do, be it in their personal life or professional life. They may sometimes be not too confident about their height for which they compensate by putting in extra efforts in other areas.

You will see that a shorter guy may be either more intelligent or professionally successful or may work out to look better than others. So, it actually works better in your favor. It is essential that when you date a shorter guy, you acknowledge their efforts.

The natural quotient – Hugging and holding hands or to put it in short, touch is very important in any relationship. Holding hands is much easier and feels more natural than when your hand is dangling in the air (when you are with a taller person). It’s the feeling ease.

tips for dating a guy shorter than you

Public Display of Affection – Shorter guys sometimes like to show off that they are in control of the situation and usually get into a lot of PDA. So, if you are someone who also likes the same, then this dating tip will do wonders.

Funnybones – Height becomes a topic of fun talk between you two or your fiends especially when the guy is comfortable and secure about the topic. It has usually been seen that shorter guys put in extra efforts and tend to have more patience level compared to taller guys. They try to compensate for the one factor, the height that they lack.

Your Bias – Take time to know this guy. You would especially need it to clear off your mind from your past bias of dating taller men.

Observe – You will see that when you start going out, its only a handful of people who would check you. Other couples with height differences may not even look at you because of height. It is important that you care about each other and loving each other.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 16, 2020
Sensitive Information!