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First Date Tips: 50 First Day Tips for the Perfect Date

The best first date tips for women and first date tips for men!

A first date is usually a meet up with a person whom we know or yet to know. The perfect date is when two individuals, who have a liking towards each other, spend an entire day together, touring certain places and getting to know each other. Here are a few dating tips that might help.

1. Have the courage to ask her out.
2. Be punctual. In case you are late, just make a quick call to inform her that you’re on the way.
3. After you meet, relax and be normal when you meet her.
4. Don’t be nervous or make her anxious.
5. Wear a casual outfit, not too grand nor too simple.
6. Present yourself elegant.
7. Decide the places that you both want to go, consulting her for her interests also. In this way, you can never waste a minute of your memorable day.

first date tips

8. Give her little surprises, such as taking her to a place which she told you in a random conversation. This will make her understand that you are listening to her.
9. Compliment little things about her, she will like it more but don’t extend it too much to make her think you’re flirting.
10. Make sure you start a conversation and try not to rant or be talkative.
11. Have a list of things that you wanted to ask her to initiate a conversation. Don’t make it a questionnaire session.
12. Help her reach home safely.
13. Talk to her the next day, inquire about her day, health and the second date!

First Date Tips for Women
14. Be relaxed and normal.
15. Don’t be clumsy or behave abnormally.
16. Dress in a comfortable way. Look for hints in his conversations, in case he didn’t tell the place. Dress elegantly, neither too modern nor too traditional.
17. Just in case, let one of your close friends follow you or make them aware of the place you are going, not to take any chance.
18. Have a casual, relaxed conversation and don’t talk about politics or past relationships.
19. Don’t judge the person as soon as you see him. Things will turn out to be fine later.
20. Have an escape plan, just in case the date doesn’t go well.

first date tips for men

21. Talk casually.
22. Ask about your date’s interests and likings.
23. Converse in such a way that you find a common hobby to do together.
24. Do not talk about past relationships.
25. Don’t ask personal questions since it’s the first date.
26. Don’t act in a naïve manner when conversing – some people may not like it.
27. Be encouraging when they talk about their future plans.
28. Never say negative about anything. Try to make it positive and converse.
29. Speak in a clear manner but not so loud as to embarrass oneself.
30. Don’t hold on to the same topic because the other person might get bored with it and gradually lose interest.
31. Don’t interrupt when they are already speaking. Wait for your turn.
32. In case of a sensitive topic, don’t converse a long time over it. Neither agree nor disagree. Keep it neutral.
33. Don’t talk about serious stuff such as social crisis or government affairs.
34. Make them laugh often during the talk. They won’t forget you.
35. Be playful but up to a certain point.

first date tips for women

Common tips for both men and women
36. Do unique things together.
37. Plant a tree at the end of the day, just so the other person would have a hint that you are an environmentally aware person.
38. Go to karaoke together, would definitely turn out to be fun and laughter.
39. Take a long walk, instead of driving to places.
40. Explore new cafes and restaurants.
41. Go skating, reveals how concerned the other person is.
42. Treat yourself to sample ice creams and treats, would be fun and helps reminisce childhood and no person hates to talk about it.
43. Make sure you don’t bore the other person.
44. Do not boast about anything, rather converse politely your likings.
45. Do not try to get intimate or kiss during your first date. The other person, at times, may not like it.
46. Have a personal space and make sure you give the other person the same.
47. Do not try anything to turn out to be awkward. Do not propose on your first date; it will make you look needy and
48. Offer them a ride back home, be it a man or women.

dating tips

49. Split the bill – it will denote that both of you are independent.
50. At the end of the date, ask what are the things they would like to change in yourself – to know if the person is right or wrong – it’s up to you to take their opinion.
51. Do not pressure the other person to involve in any activity that you do that day.
52. Ask for his or her interests towards things that you are interested in.
53. Maintain a decent and elegant behavior.
54. Do not cut between a conversation.
55. Do not complain about the other person's habits.
56. Say nothing negative about the other person's routines.
57. Do not skip a date after you have planned it because this might ruin your image from the other person's side.
58. Meet in a public place if you are meeting with a total stranger.
59. Take classes together so that you will be able to see each other often and also increase your skills.
60. Get to know about their life and their experiences.
61. Take them outside and have fun rather than sitting in a coffee shop and having a boring conversation.
62. Choose a nice topic to converse if at all you feel anxious.

date tips
63. If you are scared or nervous, say it to them. This might help them in making you feel better.
64. If you are depressed the day before the date, call off or postpone the date giving a good reason like you fell sick or somebody passed away.
65. Do not judge the other person according to your past. People differ in their own way.
66. Be mindful of how you represent yourself during a conversation. Try not to freak them out.
67. Be aware of your instincts because that is how you know what kind of people they are.
68. If they turn out to be impolite or unruly, it is ok to call the police or emergency.
69. Create trust in each other that would least turn out to be friendship.
70. Do not be on your cellphones while on a date. It literally pisses off people.
71. Do not touch hands while speaking. Remember, it's just your first date.
72. If you do not like something that the person does, speak up for yourself at that moment.
73. Do not talk about the cost or price of something that you are having or about to have. It might make you look like a stingy person.
74. Do not drink too much on your date.
75. Do not use curse words during a conversation. It will present you as a jerk.
76. Do not talk about your qualifications.

first date conversation tips

77. Do not talk about financial kinds of stuff.
78. Do not build up or lie anything just to make yourself look cool. It might end up making you look like a liar.
79. Do not brag anything about yourself when they say something nice to you.
80. Do not ask about their salary, in case they are working.
81. Do not talk anything negative about yourself to them. Sometimes, people may make you feel better or may leave you worse.
82. Do not ask them when the next date is before you leave since it might not look polite and may present you needy.
83. Ask each other why you wanted to date, especially with them.
84. Do not make yourself look like someone else. Be yourself.
85. Do not forget to take a shower on that particular day.
86. Have mints with you to make your breath smell fresh.
87. Do not use intoxicating perfume or body sprays.
88. Do not take to movies or concerts as it might turn out to be awkward.
89. Do not converse anything of hook up or sex. It may lead them to think that you are a pervert.
90. Question their interests using 'Why?' because it helps you to know the reason that they are interested in it.
91. Ask your date if they like the place you chose for them to hang out.
92. Do not pester them in order to know more about them.

tips for dating for the first time

93. Say that you prefer doing things that you both did throughout the date, all over again. This will make them feel that you had a good day and a lot of memories with them that you would like to reminisce.
94. Do not plan on meeting friends along with your date. It might embarrass them.
95. If you feel like asking them out again, try it with making them pay for the bill and at the end say that you would like to return the favor. This will make them smile and also understand that you are indirectly asking them out again.
96. Do not have an interview mindset. Be calm and relaxed. The other person is not going to employ you.
97. Do not try on any pickup lines or personal jokes. It might not be pleasing to them.
98. Don't laugh too often and make yourself look weird and the other person uncomfortable.
99.Be a gentleman and hold doors for her or enter a place after she enters.
100. you can initiate a handshake when you meet and before you leave. Any physical touch done in between will make you look desperate.
101. Women are not supposed to initiate handshakes because that might make the other person you think you are too straight forward.
102. Behave in such a way that before you part they already like you.
103. Meet over lunch rather than dinner since it would give more time for both of you to stay calm and relaxed and also will help reach home on time.
104. Keep the dates short, only if you want to make the other person long for your presence.
105. Do not force them into anything that they don't like.
106. Call before the date and have a quick talk of where and at what time you are to meet each other. In this way, you can avoid waiting if the other person does not turn up.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 23, 2020
Sensitive Information!