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Healing Broken Trust After Your Spouse Cheated

When you find that your Wife Cheated on you, it can be a heartbreaking moment. It is a revelation that can destroy your family. In most such cases, there would be ill will and the possibility of divorce remains high. There are however many who are willing to forgive the act of indiscretion and move ahead with their relationship hoping to take it forward. There could be various reasons for forgiving a wife who cheated, but forgiving is a sign that you want to move on.

However, this is not so easy. Forgiveness is easy, but it cannot repair the loss of trust. When you enter a relationship as strong as marriage, such a relationship is built on trust. A cheating wife has committed an act that broke the bond of trust. When trust is broken, it can be really damaging to a relationship. If you have decided to forgive your wife, then you would also probably be ready to rebuild the trust. How can you gain trust again? We look at the answer to this question.

Wife Cheated

My Wife Cheated and I forgave here is something you will not hear from most men. A wife who cheats or for that matter even a husband who cheats is difficult to forgive. Some men are ready though to do it.

The reasons for this could be different.

  • One may forgive a Cheating Wife if she confesses to being unfaithful. A remorseful wife confessing to her sin and promising not to do it again is one reason why a man would forgive her.
  • A man who has gone far ahead in the relationship may find it difficult to cut it and start a new one. For this reason, he may decide to continue with the relationship.
  • One may decide to forgive for the sake of the children or because he loves her so much.

Once a man decides to forgive, the next thing is to think about how to heal the broken trust. This is not so easy, the pain caused can be really hurtful and can seriously damage the foundation of the relationship. In such a situation it is important to heal the trust that has been broken. Here is how it can be done.


Do you want to continue the relationship? Is your wife ready to forget what has happened and move ahead and restart things? If both of you are willing, then you can start the process of healing broken trust. The first thing that is needed in such a situation is to sit down and talk. You need to have a long talk and understand why things went wrong. Was it an infatuation or a fling? Was it a problem because of you? The reason needs to be known so this won’t repeat again.

You need to talk over how you can build trust. Your wife would definitely be in a state of emotional distress. The moment of infidelity combined with the fact that you forgave her would put her in a terrible state of mind. You need to bring her out of this and understand how your love for each other can repair the damaged relationship. Discuss the next steps you need to take to forget this incident and move ahead.

Make plans for the future and plan how you can strengthen your relationship. Plan a break and spend more time together so that you can forget the painful incident and move ahead. The key is to keep communicating and spend time together so that you can build trust and forget the painful memories.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 22, 2020
Sensitive Information!