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 Dating Statistics in the State of Illinois

When the Census Bureau published the demographic data for the state of Illinois on December 2018, it revealed some interesting facts about the singles population of the state. The report stated that the state had a population of about 12,854,500 people that are higher than the area’s all other states. It indicated that the state’s 51 percent of the total population was single for a variety of reasons. The report also highlighted that 35 percent of Illinois’ population never got married and it is higher than the region’s all other states. About 38 percent of the male population of the state has always been unmarried. Also, 32 percent of the female population of Illinois has not got married ever, which is the largest percentage of such a nature.

Dating Statistics in Illinois

Here are some interesting dating facts for the state of Illinois:

1. Illinoisans in love are usually very loyal

One of the great facts about the dating couples in Illinois is that they are extremely loyal to one another. It is said that once an Illinoisan is in love with someone or something, they will stick around and be faithful.

Online Dating Stats Illinois
2. Many Illinoisans love to take their dates/love interests to watch concerts

People in Illinois have got a great sense of music. The state hosts famous festivals such as Lollapalooza and less famous music scenes, which are usually found in Campaign-Urbana. Many dating couples love to go to concerts together and enjoy their common passion, music.

3. Couples in Illinois are usually smart and interesting

The state boasts some great universities from the University of Illinois to Illinois State, to Northwestern. So, it has been usually seen that people of Illinois dating one another are intelligent, smart, and witty. They love having animated and interested conversations most of the time.

4. Illinoisans love to go out for adventure with their dates

Although a majority of the states in the United States are quite flat, Illinois features some amazingly beautiful landscapes. There is little wonder why Illinois loves to indulge in adventure activities. As the state has various outdoor attractions including the Starved Rock State Park and Garden Of The Gods, you will come across many young couples visiting such places while on a date.

Illinois Dating Statistics
5. An average Illinoisan loves floating

The people of Illinois are so fond of floating that it may be looked upon as one of the most favorite sports in the state. Young couples can be seen beating the scorching summer heat while heading towards the waterways of their locality. It is a common sight finding young lovebirds spending a relaxed afternoon while gradually moving downstream in their inner tubes.

6. Illinoisans love going out practically anywhere and everywhere

Illinoisans love going out practically anywhere and everywhere
People of Illinois are known to fit in everywhere. The state is mostly made of farmland and there are several tiny towns scattered all over the countryside. At the same time, the state also boasts of big cities. As such most young couples here do not face any kind of difficulty to fit into both scenarios. They are very flexible, and accommodating, and are pleased and joyful anywhere as long as their love interests are there with them.

Online Dating in Illinois

While online dating was introduced back in the nineties, it was a taboo thing then as people did not meet that way then. Rather, they would generally meet their love interests/dates through colleagues, family members, personal advertisements in the newspapers, friends, and so on. Things have changed today, and online dating sites are preferred by many Illinoisans find their dates as is done elsewhere. Illinois is ranked 26th among all the American states in terms of its volume of online dating according to another report. Dating crimes are still rampant in most places. Whoever you get out to put your safety first.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 29, 2020
Sensitive Information!