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Dating Statistics in the State of Iowa

Iowa is a State where romance, dating, and relationships both take priority and people generally find success in partnerships. The place where a person lives plays a huge role in the kind of relationships they will have. The culture of the State, the various places available where people can go on dates and even locations where people meet each other all are factors that need to be considered when looking at dating statistics.

The value of dating statistics lies in how they can help people predict the likelihood of achieving success or failure in their relationships in different States. When it comes to looking for relationships, a single person should look for a State that is conducive to dating. Similarly, when it comes to forming long-lasting partnerships, these same statistics can help as well by showing the rate of long-term relationship success amongst other people in that State.

WalletHub is a portal that released dating statistics for the different States in America every year. The differences between the years also show the changes and progressions when it comes to dating in different States.

Iowa Dating Statistics,

Dating Statistics:

The dating statistics released by WalletHub for the year 2019 show that Iowa has an average overall performance when it comes to dating and relationships in America. It ranked as the 26th best State for singles for the year, out of a total of 50 States. The reason behind why Iowa has placed relatively lower than many other States, despite being considered a good place for dating and relationships has to do with another variable in WalletHub's data and statistics.

In order to formulate their data, WalletHub takes into consideration various factors, such as the kind of dating opportunities a State has, the median wage of the people living in it and more. One of these variables shows that Iowa ranks as 46th when it comes to the presence of single people looking for relationships in the State, where 1 indicates a high density of single people and 50 indicates a lot of density.

It is just slightly more difficult to date in Iowa owing to the fact that a majority of people in the State are usually in a relationship. Similarly, Iowa also ranked as 40th in America when it came to dating opportunities. Since more people are committed, a single or available person is less likely to find someone to date. At the same time, Iowa ranks as 5th in America when it comes to whether the people in the State can afford to date or not.

Online Dating Stats Iowa
This shows that most people in the State earn enough to have a disposable income they can use in dating and relationships. While dating is usually a term used for people before they enter a formal or long-term committed relationship, those who have been together also going out on dates. In the State of Iowa, they can afford these expenditures without worry.

Finally, Iowa was ranked as 21st in America when it came to fun and romance within relationships. Here, it performed slightly better than over half of the country, a clear indicator that as far as relationships are concerned, the people of Iowa know what they are doing.

Online Dating Statistics in Iowa

Iowa is one of the safest cities in America when it comes to online dating. However, despite it being generally safe, there is a need to be aware of the fact that the overall opportunities for online dating may be lower than other States.

Statistics Related to Crime and Dating in Iowa:

A study conducted by High-Speed Internet on online dating in America ranked Iowa as the 13th safest State in the country. While this is exclusive to online dating, offline dating is also relatively crime-free in the State. It is still important to take necessary precautions when meeting someone for the first time as the data does not indicate a complete sense of crimes related to dating.

However it is much safer to date in Iowa than in many other places, and the need for worry and concern for crimes related to dating is less.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 28, 2020
Sensitive Information!