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Dating Statistics in the State of Maine

Are you a girl living in the state of Maine? Have you noticed how difficult it is to meet a decent guy here? Do you think maybe you are the problems? Do you think guys are not just interested in you? All the good looking men seem all ready to be taken? If you are feeling these things then most likely you are like most of the other girls who live in Maine. This article will discuss the dating statistics, online dating statistics and the crimes related to dating statistics in the state of Maine, to give you the answers to your question and to give you a clearer idea about the dating scenario of Maine.

Dating Statistics of Maine

Many educated young girls in the state of Maine might be of the opinion that there are not enough men in the state. This opinion is true to a certain level. First of all the young girls that it is not always their fault that they cannot find a proper date with an interesting man. The fact according to statistics is that there are simply not enough men in the state.

Maine Dating Statistics

According to The Bangor Daily News report, the partial and out of balance sex ratio of Maine are to be blamed with for all of this. The gender or sex ratio in Maine is 96 to 100. This is actually lower than the national gender ratio of the USA. There are almost 27,600 more women than the number of men in Maine. This off-balance ratio gives the men from Maine the upper hand in the dating world.

In the Kennebec county of Maine, the world is great if you are a single man looking to mingle. For each college-educated man, statistically, there are 5.2 single graduate women. Although it may be amusing for you to know that when it comes to the uneducated population, the women have the upper hand. For each 1.3 uneducated man, there is only one lady without a college degree in Maine. Again if you live in the Bath or Brunswick then the chances are much better for a man. There are 4.2 single women for individual man in the city.

Maine Dating Statistics

Online Dating Statistics in Maine

For this lack of enough number of men in the different parts of the state of Maine, more and more women are going online to look for them. For most women who are single and are above the age of 30 location is no longer a factor. They are willing to go on along the drive to meet with a date.

Online dating has actually helped a lot of women in the state of Maine in finding a partner. In Maine, more than 25% of the relationships and 15% of marriages started online. Most of the university single students in the state of Maine have a profile in at least one of the dating apps. The youngsters have a lot on their plate, they are constantly juggling between things. And as it turns out they are also juggling with their dates. The couples today take longer time to commit to one person. They chat with different people at the same time, go on a few casual dates, just to see how it all works before going exclusive.

Dating Crimes in Maine

When a person specially designs their profile to lure one particular way or when they create it keeping in mind the contemporary social media trend and the followers then it is called Instagram standing. This trend among youngsters the cause that many of them suffer from FOLO. This, in turn, is the leading cause of depression and anxiety among teenagers. This is why people think catfishing and kitten fishing maybe a better way to impress people.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 24, 2020
Sensitive Information!