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Dating Statistics in the State of Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is officially known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Located in the northeastern part of the United States, it is a part of the New England region and is also its most populous state. The state shares a part of its border with the mighty Atlantic Ocean and has derived its name from a tribe called Massachusett.

Dating statistics in Massachusetts

The population of Massachusetts as of 2019 stands roughly at 6.93 million. As on date, it is expected that the state’s population has crossed that mark. The figures make the state America’s third most thickly populated area even though it is the country’s seventh smallest state. According to the report published by the Census Bureau 2018, about 52 percent of the state’s people are single for various reasons, thus making it the state with the second-highest percentage in the area.

Also, 37 percent of the state’s population never even got married once. About 39 percent of the male population in Massachusetts never got married. The high percentage of singles in the state also indicates that the dating scene in the state is not as popular as some of the other states in America or they are not so keen to mingle or commit.

Massachusetts Dating Statistics

Online Dating Statistics in Massachusetts

According to a new survey, some states in the United States are more conducive for online dating as compared to others. An authorized retailer of AT&T called All Home Connections noted the online dating scene in all the states. They analyzed certain factors and found out that some states in the country are more suitable for online dating in comparison to others.

According to the report shared by AT&T for 2018, Massachusetts was in the second spot among the top states in America for online dating. It missed the first rank in the state, perhaps because New Hampshire’s safety ranking was better than its safety ranking. The report also revealed that OKCupid was the most popular dating app for the dating couples of this state. Thus, the report also stated the most widely used dating apps for each of the states.

In this report of 2018, Massachusetts was adjudged 22 as per safety rank, 3 for opportunity rank, and 3 also for demographic rank. In 2019, the position of the state dropped to rank 4 from #2 in the previous year. This year, it had a safety rank of 20, opportunity rank of 6, and demographic rank of 4.

Dating Statistics Massachusetts

The methodology used for determining which states were the most suitable ones for online dating, as well as, to identify the worst states in the online dating scene was not an easy one. Firstly, each state was compared by the three factors mentioned above. Thereafter, each of the key components was broken up into relevant metrics. Then, the weighted percentage of every state was computed based on their importance.

  1. Safety rank-communicable diseases and violent crimes
  2. Demographics rank- Percentage of singles, gender balance, median earnings, rate of unemployment, and percentage with bachelor’s degree
  3. Opportunity rank- Smartphone ownership, ownership of computing devices, keenness in the use of online platforms, the success rate of online dating

Dating Crime Statistics in Massachusetts

National research statistics indicate that one out of every three teens discloses having peers or friends who have been subjected to dating abuse. The worse piece of news is that according to the Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey, one in every 10 teens have reported of being sexually or/and physically abused by their dating partners. It is also alarming to note that according to research just 33 percent of teens that have been abusive relationships have come out and shared their experiences. Of those teen survivors, only 3 percent of the teens who had experienced abusive relationships reported those abusive incidents to the authorities and just 6 percent shared with their family members.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 22, 2020
Sensitive Information!