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Dating Statistics in the State of New Hampshire

You cannot fall in love with someone unless you spend time with the person, online and offline. Let us look at the dating statistics in New Hampshire, from a generic point of view.

Online Dating Statistics in the State

Details found on surveys taking Tinder and other networking sites into account, online dating or hooking up has increased over the past decade and is here to stay. High-pressure work and other commitments make it impossible for people to date. Having said that, face to face dating still remains on point - one cannot dispute this fact.

The ease that a smartphone or computer brings to the table, finding someone with the same interests and other criteria helps without wasting time. The older crowd may not take kindly to online dating, but once they do, it is way easier. From a statistical point of view, an average of at least 35% of people uses the online medium to date or a mere hook up.

New Hampshire Dating Statistics
Meeting someone on a blind date may not seem like everyone’s cuppa but, when you don’t go out, someone has to play matchmaker. Family and friends are the usual ‘suspects’ who use blind dating. Given that they probably know what you want, it could work. The statistics, therefore, increase as they sift through online portfolios with varieties of options.

Dating Crime Statistics in the State

Imagine finding out the person you are dating has a criminal record. That can throw you off your game and scare you like crazy. Most ex-cons do not divulge their sordid past primarily because people tend to be the judge. Statistics do indicate that ex-cons tend to commit the same mistakes once they are out. They can snare unsuspecting persons by committing various felonies, even sexual assault. But, people do evolve over time, as most ex-prisoners do not want to be locked up again.

Passive Aggressive

You could have met up with someone who enjoys BDSM but has not disclosed this very important fact. And find yourself balancing the high with fear. Bondage is not a crime. But when the other person is not interested and indicates so, but the dominant does not pay heed and have penetrative sex, that constitutes rape. Unfortunately, not many cases are not reported. But this is a statistic. The person assaulted would not want to divulge an incident that they found shameful.

Online Dating Stats New Hampshire


Dating someone new is a thrill. But if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, like committing a crime, financial, fraud, or otherwise is not only an offense but offensive. Everyone talks about online scams and the dating game is not far from criminal activity. People get shafted because they let down their guard. Dating crime statistics have skyrocketed over the years.

Dating Statistics in the State

Speed dating is an easy cool way to meet someone engage in conversation for a couple of minutes and move on to the next in line. There is a limit on the time spent at the first meeting. The three-eight second rule gives an inkling on whether the person has something concrete to offer. Speed dating has caught on in various parts of the state and the world. It works for people pressed for time but prefers a one-on-one rather than the online route. The advantage – if you don’t want to be stuck for someone for a long time, you can move on and fast.

The Essence of Dating

Finding someone interesting is not easy, but when you have to get back on the horse, you just have to and not overthink the situation. Over time you will fall in love. Naturally, getting to know someone requires that you spend time with the person. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why dating statistics in the state of New Hampshire has increased.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 25, 2020
Sensitive Information!