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Dating Statistics in the State of South Carolina

The population of women is more than that of men in South Carolina. The male to female ratio here is 95:100, meaning there are 95 men for every 100 women. The male to female ratio shows a gradual decrease in the number of men as the age of women increases.

So, single women in South Carolina may find it difficult to find men of their choice for dating. The choices are available to decrease further for single women as they grow older.

However, there are several opportunities in the state for single men and women to get together. From age- and choice-specific online dating opportunities to singles clubs and events, one has several avenues to try their luck at love.

South Carolina Dating Statistics

A WalletHub study of 50 states to determine the worst and best states for dating ranked South Carolina at 36. The study used 3 key factors to rank the states for their date-friendliness.

  • Dating Opportunities – This parameter measured the population of single adults, gender balance of singles, mobile and online dating opportunities, the openness of singles to online dating opportunities and relationships.

South Carolina ranked 38th in this category.

  • Dating Economics – This parameter measured income, lifestyle, and affordability of the people here. Specific sub-parameters included average wine and beer price, movie and beauty salon costs, the average income of households, job growth rate, housing affordability, general well-being of people, the underemployment rate, and the unemployment rate among singles.
South Carolina Dating Statistics

South Carolina ranked 24th in this category.

  • Romance & Fun – This parameter measured access to attractions, including parks, zoos, restaurants, museums, cultural centers, and nightlife options. Access to bars, movie theaters, fitness, and recreational centers, crime rate, and online dating safety, were also measured.

South Carolina ranked 28th in this category.

A separate 2019 study of the best cities in the state for singles put Clemson at the first place. The other top spots have been occupied by West Columbia, Orangeburg, Cayce, Greenville, Columbia, and North Charleston.

South Carolina Online Dating Statistics

A 2017 study by SafeWise and puts South Carolina at 6th rank in the Top 10 list of the Most Dangerous States for Online Dating. The study also used data of violent crimes and prevalence of chlamydia and gonorrhea – the most prevalent STDs in the U.S. – for the state, to arrive at the final ranking.

In a 2018 online dating study by AT&T, South Carolina retained its worst ranking. The state ranked 47. The study concluded that South Carolina was one of the worst states for online dating. The reasons behind the worst ranking included high rates of violent crimes and prevalence of communicable diseases, high unemployment rates, lack of interest in online dating, and fewer singles in the state.

South Carolina Dating Statistics

Still, there are online dating options for singles willing to take the risk. The AT&T study mentioned above states that eHarmony is the best app for singles in the state looking for a date.

There are also websites such as Match, Elite Singles, OurTime and BlackPeopleMeet that cater to singles with different needs. Elite Singles, for example, caters to an audience looking for a college-educated date while OurTime is for adults and senior citizens in the age group of 50 and above.

South Carolina Dating Crime Statistics

The rape rate is high in South Carolina. A CNN study puts the rate at 35.5%, meaning at least 35 rape incidents are reported for every 100, 000 people. The national average, according to the study, is 27 per 100,000.

While exact date crime statistics are unavailable, such crimes can be considered high because several studies indicate the high violent crime rate prevalent in the state. A 2018 report by Violence Policy Center ranks South Carolina at 6th position in its list of top 10 states considered notorious for women.

South Carolina has one of the highest rates of females getting murdered by males. In such cases, 95% of the female victims knew the offender. 69% of the victims who knew their offender were ex-wives, common-law wives, wives, or girlfriends, of the offender.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 20, 2020
Sensitive Information!