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Signs That You Need to Break Up

We reveal the signs it's time to break up

Insecurities, jealousy, fights, and loss of ‘the magic’ are normal things that happen in every relationship. It is equally natural to question or think about where a relationship is going and if there is any point left to this anymore. Relationships are like a job, they require genuine effort and are about making adjustments. It is a grey area to know where does this line end and when is it time to move on with another chapter of your life. Let’s break it down to 3 red flags that tell you it’s time to break up.
One-sided effort

Yes, relationships need effort and yes it sometimes requires going out of the way. However, it has to come from both sides. It is not a healthy relationship if it is only one person investing their time and effort in making memories. We often accept excuses a little too easily, or sometimes even justify their complacency on their behalf.

Signs you need to break up
But the tough question that you need to confront yourself with is, what would this relationship still be the same, if you stop putting in that extra effort in managing your schedule to their needs, or making that call after a long day.

Sometimes it can be true that our partners are genuinely busy pursuing something they are deeply passionate about or that is important to them, in this case, you may still expect an effort on their part to show their gratefulness towards your patience and effort. If not, then maybe it is time to let it go and remind yourself that you deserve better.

An unbalanced scale

The first thing to be clear on is that all couples are different. Some enjoy their individual space, some are okay being sexually open to other people, some expect strict monogamy and all of that is okay. But every relationship has a clear set of expectations. A big sign that you need to break up is unbalanced expectations. If your partner expects you to choose your date night over your friends, they should be ready to do the same for you.

Signs it's time to break up
A partner asking for space in their lives while spying your phones is when you now that the insecurities run on an unhealthy level. A relationship with unclear expectations and especially unbalanced expectations is something you need to escape from as soon as possible. It is better to walk alone than to walk with someone who will make you pick them up at all hurdles.

The happiness is non-existent

Whether it is a relationship or a job, the one question you need to ask yourself is, why do I want it? We all have certain things we are looking for in a relationship. It could be the sexual pleasure, the joy of having someone to share your stories with, or the hope of a lifelong partner.

do we need to break up
In the end whether or not you should break up comes down to the simple answer of whether you are getting what you want. You could be dating the sweetest person, but if they don’t satisfy you and if that is something important for you, you can say goodbye. If the rich, handsome guy you are dating is not there for you when you wanted a shoulder to cry on, and if that is important to you, it is time to say bye.

It is ultimately a decision of choosing happiness over other inconveniences of going through a break-up. If you are not happy with something, the first step should be to communicate your concerns and what is important to you to your partner. Let them know what the deal-breakers could be and what do you want from a relationship. However, if you don’t be taken seriously despite trying a few times, it is time to choose happiness.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 17, 2020
Sensitive Information!