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Best Coffee Date Tips!

First date coffee tips that you will love!

Dating is nothing but art. It gives you butterflies in your stomach and makes you nervous at the same time, especially when it’s your first date. Coffee dates are the most common ones. You can make a simple coffee date really special for your partner and if you are here reading this, probably you are planning or going out on a coffee date too!

Where to go? Will she/ he like me or not? What to do? What not to do? What are the coffee date tips? All these questions are answered right here with this piece providing you 10 best coffee date tips and ideas.

1. Be on time: the First impression is the last impression. To reach on time on your coffee date is one of the most positive things you can begin your date with. It gives you not only enough time to start peacefully but you will definitely find your partner in a good mood by just being on time because let’s accept the fact that nobody will appreciate being on a coffee date which begins with excuses and chaos. Some people really value their time too much. You can win their heart by just being on time.

Coffee Date

2. Confidence is the key: Girls, you may be wearing your best of your makeup or men may be wearing their best of their watch but the confidence is something you should never forget to carry on your first date (first date coffee tips no one will tell you about). Your confidence must reflect in your conversation, your walk, way of eating or simply the way you carry yourself. Do not forget to compliment at the beginning of your coffee date. Remember not to go overboard. Nobody appreciates over-confidence.!

3. Select a familiar place: Lets’s accept the fact that familiarity brings confidence. A place where you’ve been to keep in mind that your partner will like it too, you can select the place. Try selecting a place with too many people working on their laptops and sipping a coffee on your coffee date as you will not be able to spend quality time and it will somehow remind you of your work. Moreover, the place should not be your regular coffee shop too as it will end up your excitement completely and there will be absolutely nothing to explore.

Coffee Date Tips

4. Handle your beverage properly: If you are extra clumsy, be careful about the handling of your coffee. Spilling your coffee all over certainly gives a bad impression. Hold your mug properly. Avoid making noise while sipping it.

5. Keep the conversation going: This is just the best coffee date conversation tip, to just let it flow. Do not struggle with starting the conversation and then extending it. Talk about things you are confident with, things that are common between you both. Do not keep the coffee date conversation one-sided and try knowing their opinion also.

6. Do not talk too much about the bill: You may opt for sharing a bill on a coffee date but do not talk too much about money and bills. It can be a big NO for most of the people, mostly girls. Ditch the money conversation but still offer to pay irrespective of you are a woman or a man.

Do not assume that he will pay the bill only and do not assume that you are a man and it is your responsibility to pay the bill. Keep it smooth and take things forward accordingly, as a part of your coffee date conversation tip.

first date coffee tips

7. Be humorous: Crack a joke or two in between the coffee date conversation. Do not crack jokes that are offensive to your partner be it on body shape, color, race, etc. Cracking a joke will make the atmosphere light and bring a smile to your faces.

8. Do not look into your phone too much: If you do not have anything urgent to attend in that hour, try keeping your phone on autopilot on your coffee date. It will give you an opportunity to know your partner even better as looking too much into your cellphone indicates lack of interest on a date.

9. Let the conversation be both sided: Do not over talk, do not under talk either. Give them equal importance and opportunity to put forth their opinion. Do not talk just about your things. Make them feel that they are important too, it's their coffee date too.

10. End it on a good note by a positive gesture or by planning the next date: Do not give away on an “I will call you sometime”. If you liked it and you want to go ahead with your partner, just let him/her know by simply saying “I had a great time”. If you are comfortable with each other, you can plan your next coffee date too.

A casual and relaxed coffee date is a great way to break the ice with people. Thanks to the nature of coffee dates, they are easier and less nerve-racking then dinner dates, for example. So, when setting up a coffee date, choose a place that you like, or have your date choose a nice coffee spot they know. When one of you is in familiar and comfortable surroundings, it will affect the other person as well, and you will both be calm. The most important thing to remember is to have fun on your date, and let things flow naturally. It will guarantee you a good time.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 24, 2020
Sensitive Information!