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Tips on Dating a Jewish Guy

We give you the best tips on dating a Jewish guy!

Dating a Jewish guy is different from dating a person from other ethnic communities. Jewish men are different as they and their families tend to be conservative. Below are the ten tips for dating Jewish men.

1. Jewish Food is the Way to their Heart
Of all the dating Jewish men tips, the one concerning Jewish food is very important. Eating and learning to cook traditional Jewish food is the best way to a Jewish man’s heart. Jewish people like their traditional food like fresh challah and chicken schnitzel. You can also learn to make some Jewish dishes such as matzo ball soup that are consumed by Jewish people regularly.

2. Get Close to the Jewish Guy’s Mother
Jewish community likes to maintain close relationships with their family members. Men stay close with their mothers for a longer period in their lives. Try to build a close relationship with his mother while dating a Jewish guy. Before making your first contact with the mother of a Jewish guy, remember that they are a bit overbearing than your mother. This is because Jewish mothers truly love their children.

Dating a Jewish Guy

3. Learn and Give Importance to their Culture
Start giving importance to the Jewish culture. Learn about their holiest days like Yom Kippur and Kosher foods. Learning about the Jewish culture and giving importance to their way of living is a sure way to win the heart of a Jewish guy.

4. Respect Jewish Religious Sentiments
Jewish people are extremely religious. Even if your boyfriend is not religious, there is a very high chance that his friends and family members are highly religious. Respecting Jewish religious sentiments is a sure way to create a unique image in the eyes of your Jewish boyfriend.

5. Learn Some Yiddish Words
How to date a Jewish guy whose ancestors spoke languages like Yiddish? Just learn some Yiddish words. Jewish guys often sprinkle their speech with some Yiddish words. Some of the Yiddish words that form part of the everyday vocabulary of the Jewish are chutzpah, klutz, kvetch, nosh, vey, schmooze, touches, and tchotchke. Learning the meaning of these Yiddish words will also make your life easy while dating a Jewish guy.

Tips on Dating a Jewish Guy

6. Understand Jewish Values
Try to understand Jewish values while dating a Jewish guy. For example, having a university degree (higher education) is one of the most important values for a Jewish person. Being oppressed for generations, Jewish people are highly pessimistic. Understanding their values will help in building trust with them.

7. Do not Confront With a Jewish Guy
Jewish people do not like confrontation and certainly hate fighting with others. If you have any difference of opinion with your Jewish boyfriend, try to solve the problem by sitting and talking to them.

8. Understand His Fashion Sense
Jewish people have a limited fashion sense. They generally like to dress conservatively and prefer simple looking attire. On their religious holidays and while visiting the Synagogues, they like to wear formal dress. Understanding their fashion sense and respecting it is one of the most important dating tips to learn before dating a Jewish guy.

how to date a Jewish guy

9. Find Ways to be Spiritual Together
Remember that your Jewish boyfriend does not read the Bible but Tanakh. Find ways to be spiritually together by sharing your spiritual beliefs, reading poetry to each other, and going together to both your places of worship.

10. Remind Him of Your Commitment
Jewish men mostly look for serious relationships that can ultimately lead to marriage. Remind your Jewish boyfriend of your commitment to him. This will help in improving the bond between you and your Jewish Guy.

The above tips on dating a Jewish guy can help you build a long lasting relationship with a Jewish man. Follow up diligently and modify them depending upon the need to successfully date a Jewish man of your dreams.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 25, 2020
Sensitive Information!