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No More Phone Book! Here is How a Reverse Phone Number Search is Changing People's Lives

by Keren P.

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This is How an Online Phone Book Search Can Help You

If you were born in the previous century, you must be familiar with the Yellow Pages book that was present in every home. The large phone book contained countless names of people and businesses that you could find by scrolling the pages and lines with your fingers. When you found the phone number that you were looking for, you could have simply dialed it and get in touch with whoever you wanted.

The Yellow Pages hold a special place in history, and in our hearts, but they have been replaced with a service that provides much more than contact information – the reverse phone number lookup. With this online search, you can find a great deal of information about people and businesses in the US, and here is how it is helping people for the better.

Phone Book
What is an Online Phone Book?

We live in an age where the internet reigns supreme, and information is found right at our fingertips. This is true about a myriad of services, including a phone number search. You can go about it in two ways:

Search people's phone number based on their name – a classic Yellow Pages search that has become an online phone book query; with an online phone book search, you can find people's phone numbers based on their name. You can also find businesses' phone numbers, but keep in mind that you will need to correctly spell individuals' and businesses' names to get accurate results.

Reverse phone number lookup – a reverse online phone book search, so to speak. When using a reverse phone number search service, you will get information about phone numbers that includes more than merely their name. Such a search can provide you with many details about a phone number, and in certain cases, it can help you avoid falling victim to crimes.

Online Phone Book

What is a Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

While an online phone book can provide you with contact information, a reverse phone number search can do a whole lot more. With such a service, you will be able to find many details that are not available with other search methods. The info includes, among other details, the following:

  • Identity of the caller (name, last name, aliases)
  • Additional contact information
  • Address of the caller
  • Social media accounts
  • Source of call (line, state, phone number carrier)
  • Criminal records
  • Company information
  • Sex offender registries
  • Convictions
  • Marriage records
  • Birth records
  • Divorce records

How Can a Reverse Online Phone Book Search Help Me?

1. In the past several years, there has been a surge in the number of phone-call related crimes. Millions of Americans receive phone calls that claim to be from the IRS, insurance companies, and even stores that supposedly give out prizes. The individuals who perform such scams request billing and credit information from their victims, using the details to steal money from unsuspecting people. By using a phone number lookup, you can find out who is really calling you, and discover whether the caller might be a scammer who is trying to get you to provide your personal information.

2. A reverse phone number lookup is also very helpful when needing to track down people, like people's mother, father, old friends, college buddies, friends from the service, and more. By using a new or old phone number that belonged to the person that you are looking for, you can find their current contact information and get back in touch with whomever you desire.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup
3. Personal safety is yet another area in which a professional reverse online phone book search can help you; if you want to learn more about a person's history, and especially their criminal past, you can run a phone number lookup that will provide you with the information that you are looking for. That way, you can find information about potential love interests, people who are a part of your children's lives, new neighbors, and many more.

To get the information mentioned above and a lot more, you need a professional, online reverse phone search service, like the one available to you on GoLookUp; the phone book search on the website provides all users with access to public records, so you can find out everything you need about a person who is calling, and so much more. By simply entering a phone number into the directory, you will get access to personal public records that will reveal who is truly calling you, and help you get back in touch with the people you want.  


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