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Online Phone Number: This is How to Find Phone Numbers Online

by Keren P.

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Phone Number Lookup: How to Find Phone Numbers Online

Our phone practically runs our lives these days – we use them to keep in touch with people, navigate our way in the world, take photos and do numerous things we could never do before. Aside from their important roles in our lives, phones are also connected to our personal data, as well as the personal data of other people. By using some pretty clever phone number lookup methods, you can track down people all across America, and easily get in touch with them.

1. Use Google

Google can come in handy for a lot of search options, including a phone number search. When you enter the search engine, type in the name of the person you are searching for, their last known address and click "search". You will you be able to find the phone number of the person you are searching for, but it will take some digging. To narrow down the number of search results, list as many details of the person you are searching for, and try to track down their phone number.

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2. Use Bing

Bing is another search engine that can help you find phone numbers, but mostly for businesses and different organizations. Once you type in the name of the business you are searching for, Bing will provide you with their website, address, and phone numbers.

3. Use Toll-Free Numbers

If you want to find a phone number of a certain business, you can use another method aside from Bing. A toll-free number search is an easy way to find phone numbers of businesses and different organizations. To perform this kind of search, enter a search engine of your choice and type in "800 number for X" (X marks the name of the company). Click "search", and you will be able to find phone numbers of businesses and organizations.

4. Use Facebook

If you have the name of the person you are searching for, you can find them on Facebook, and even find their phone number. Many people write down their phone number on the popular social media outlet, so there is a great chance that you will find the contact info of the person you are searching for. A lot of people also have business pages on Facebook, so if a certain person hasn't provided their personal phone number on Facebook, you will be able to contact them through their business page phone number.

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5. Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Directory

The most efficient and reliable method for tracking down phone numbers of people in the US is by conducting a public records search. Public records are recorded by official authorities in the country, so they are 100% accurate. Searching for public records in your own requires you to contact different authorities, which is time-consuming and often very costly. As an alternative, you can use online phone number directories to search for people's phone numbers.

GoLookUp, for example, can help you find phone numbers of people all across the United States based on a few basic details. You can use GoLookUp's people search/reverse address search/email search, or any of the other directories on the website to find phone numbers. Once you enter one identifying detail into any of GoLookUp's directories, the search engine will scan all the public records to find the person's phone number.

Searching for phone numbers online can help you get in touch with a person/people you need to contact. An online phone number lookup will save you a lot of time, and nowadays you can choose the method you prefer from the list above.


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