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Oregon Public Records, Public Records Oregon

Oregon Public Records

Under the Public Records and Meetings Law, the residents of the state can view government records upon request, except for a few exemptions. To help make sure that the public records law is maintained, the state of Oregon established the Oregon Sunshine Committee in 2017.

Vital records are maintained and provided by the Center for Health Statistics that gives out certified certificates of birth records, death records, marriage records, and divorce records. Ordering certificates can be made via phone, mail, regular mail, rush mail, or face to face with at the Center for Health Statistics.

Ohio criminal records can be requested online from the Oregon Judicial Department and the Oregon Judicial Department, that provide criminal history reports upon request.

oregon public records

Oregon – Laws and Vital Information

The constitution of Oregon was enacted in 1857, and the amended version now consists of a bill of rights, as well as a 18 sections. The bill of rights contains most of the privileges and rights as granted by the US constitution’s bill of rights. Unlike the US constitutions, that requires a majority of two thirds to make an amendments, the Oregon constitutions can be amended with a simple majority in the state legislature.

Fees for Public Records in Oregon

Fees for vital records in Oregon are as follows:

Walk-in order for one certificate (or one record search) - includes $3 security fee for applicant identity verification and ID review - $28.00 ($25.00 for an additional copy).

Mail order for one certificate (or one record search) - $25.00 ($25.00 for an additional copy).

Telephone order for one record - includes $7 expedite fee, $12.95 VitalChek vendor fee, and security fee for applicant identity verification and ID review - $44.95 ($25.00 for an additional copy).

Internet order for one record - includes $7 expedite fee, $11.25 VitalChek vendor fee, and security fee for applicant identity verification and ID review - $43.25 ($25.00 for an additional copy).

The search fee for Oregon criminal records is $20.00.

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

Aside from the official authorities that provide copies of vital records and criminal records in Oregon, you can use free background check sites that provide public records information. When you search for these types of websites, you will encounter two kinds that are likely to lack the information you need.

The first kind of free background check sites do not provide full access to public records, a customer support service, or a privacy protection. The reason for this is because these kinds of websites do not have the financial means to provide users with a complete background check service.

There is also a second kind of free background check sites that can provide you with complete access to public records, but at a cost. These “free” background check sites give users a few basic details about the person they are searching for, and require them to pay fees for any additional services.

Ohio Public Records

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Instead of using the services provided by the authorities in the state of Oregon, or a free a background check site, you can use a professional public records site - GoLookUp. The services provided by GoLookUp include criminal records check, arrest records, sexual offender search, social media information, contact information, convictions, mugshots, a true people search, companies information, and much more.

You can find the information listed above in any number of ways, including a name-based query, a reverse address lookup, a reverse phone number lookup, and an email search.

GoLookUp compiles background check reports by collecting information from official public records, so you can be certain that all the data is accurate and reliable. In case you have any questions regarding one of the site’s services, you can contact GoLookUp’s 24/7 customer support service. The website also provides you with full protection of your searches, as well as you personal data, so you are protected from hacking at all times.

If you need to conduct a thorough and accurate Oregon public records search, there is no need to file requests with all the authorities in the state. Instead, go on GoLookUp, and find all the background information you need about residents of Oregon, or even the entire US.  

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