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Benefits of Organic Cat Food

by Toni S.

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Benefits of Organic Cat Food

When a friendly feline chooses a human caregiver, it expects the said human to understand that it will gobble anything it pleases, without considering how nutritious or healthy the said food is— especially if the food contains meat. Every cat owner wants their pet to live a long and healthy life. For this purpose, it is necessary to check the kitten or cat’s dietary intake and pick foods that would benefit the most.

There are several types of food that the human can select from. These include dry foods, semi-dry foods, and wet foods. Even among these, there are categories depending on the quality and how it is made. The cat owner can go for natural food, organic food or adulterated tasty food along with the occasional treat from the human’s plate.

Cat owners prefer to feed their pets a variety of nutrients. While adulterated foods have the benefit of containing a good mixture of necessary nutrients, many owners believe that natural and organic foods are a healthier option.

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What are organic foods?

Natural foods do not contain synthetic materials like added coloring, preservatives and other options used in adulterated foods to improve flavor or other elements. Organic foods, on the other hand, are those which take natural foods to the next level by making sure that the manufacturing process itself is untouched by chemicals.

This means that there are no added pesticides, fertilizers or other elements which are generally used to produce a higher yield. The process is very labor-intensive, and farmers even go to the extent of weeding by hand instead of using weed killers. This generally means that there is lesser crop and the process of production itself is costlier.

In the case of meats, the animals are grown without the use of chemicals, hormones and other inputs. This also means that the chemical wormers generally used to kill parasites in pigs are not utilized and farmers pick herbal methods instead, which are generally not as effective.


How different are organic foods from other foods?

Organic produce is free of most chemical inputs which are generally used in farming and in the production of meat. They are better than natural foods as one does not have to worry about pesticide residue or the effects of synthetic fertilizers. Though, according to a 2014 report by Annals of Internal Medicine, there is little evidence that organically grown foods are more nutritionally beneficial. Due to the comparatively low yield and labor-intensive manufacturing process, the cost of organic foods is also higher than other foods.

However, one cannot argue against the quality of the produce. After all, the feline’s health and dietary requirements come first. One benefit that owners have found of organic food is that they know and understand exactly what their pet is consuming, without worry about the ingestion of chemicals which may be harmful.

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Types of Organic cat food

There are varieties of organic cat foods that the consumers can select from. These include 100 percent organic, organic and made with organic food.

Every minute ingredient and processing aid of 100 percent organic foods are certified organic. For organic foods, most elements are organic except for those which are specified in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list and the non-organic ingredients contain merely five percent of inorganic material. In the made-with category, at least 70 percent of the ingredients are certified to be entirely organic.

There are numerous less expensive and equally healthy options when selecting cat food. However, organic food is beneficial for cats with health issues and specific dietary requirements. Even otherwise, organic food is a healthy pick and is among foods that contain the least harmful ingredients.

Here are the top 10 best organic cat foods you can buy for your cat! 


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