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Pandora Free Music App Features

by Kelly B.

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Pandora Music App/Website and are its Best Features?

The Pandora website/music app is a personalized service for music streaming that is free and helps you to build your playlist during your holiday. Ranging from new numbers and latest releases to the popular Christmas classic, Pandora allows its users to listen to their most preferred artists.

The most beautiful feature of Pandora is that it keeps evolving time and again. If you are unsure about how to use the service, simply use its browse feature to begin discovering all the holiday stations and artists. You can enjoy a highly personalized music experience through Pandora that is constantly on a journey of self-improvisation. So, a person can begin using this free streaming service by looking out for their most preferred artist, genre, music, or song for forming a station. Alternatively, a user can simply search browse and come across the recommended music stations that are perfect for their activity or mood.

Now enjoy the features of Pandora Premium on the web as it is not only available for your mobile phones now

The most recent subscription choice of Pandora is called Premium. However, it does not replace the typical Pandora experience. Not only are there no advertisements, but it also can come up with superior quality audio, listening to offline music stations and develop personalized stations.

According to Pandora, its Premium version on the Internet is the most popular feature that users request so that they can use the latest features on the website of the service instantly. There are Premium features such as Search & Play that provides personalized search by a user’s learning history. My Music enables a user to catalog and collect their preferred albums easily. Plus, the availability of the artists is easy in a bigger format.


The origin of Pandora was as a personalized radio service on the Internet. It is hardly surprising that the playlist features of the service are immensely smart. A user can begin their new playlist with a single or a couple of songs, choose the button titled Add Similar Songs soon you can have your personalized playlist that either contains new music or familiar songs, which can soon become your most preferred ones.

Pandora Music App
Web player has been redesigned in Pandora

The service has revamped its web player so that it can be at par with the revised appearance of Pandora’s mobile apps. The desktop version as borrowed some of its characteristics from Pandora Plus.

In the recent design, the navigation bar has been relocated to the screen’s bottom while its album artwork has been brought to the front.

Improved navigation

Navigation has also got improved in Pandora so that it is simpler to juggle between the playing songs, listening history, and your stations.

Pandora Premium made its debut in March 2017 and could be signed up by those users who had made requests for an invite for this service, as well as its catalog containing 40 million songs. Next month, the service was launched for all so interested users can just navigate to the site of Pandora Premium. They can register using their Paypal account or credit card as their preferred payment mode. As far as mobile devices are concerned, the upgrade choice of Pandora Premium can be accessed by a user by navigating to the Pandora app’s setting section.

In case a user goes to the Pandora site to register for the Premium version, they can enjoy free Pandora Premium services for 60 days free of cost.

While some time has passed ever since Pandora has gone for a considerable update of its desktop offerings, it has done so at a perfect time because the Pandora service gets set for coming up with its rival to Apple Music and Spotify.


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