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Paul Newman

by Peggy B.

Paul Newman, Paul Newman Biography

Everything you know about Paul Newman

Paul Leonard Newman famously known as Paul Newman is an age-old actor. Apart from acting, he has so many feathers in his cap. He is a voice actor, race car driver, producer, film director, IndyCar owner, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He won several awards and also was also nominated for several awards. Also, he was the co-founder of a food company Newman’s Own from which all the profits were donated to charity.

Paul Newman Childhood and Career

Newman was born to the couple Theresa Garth and Arthur Sigmund Newman. Paul’s father ran a goods store of sporting. Newman showed his interest in the theatre even when he was young. At seven years he did his first role as court jester. At ten years he played at professional regional company CPH, and he became a notable actor.

After his schooling, he joined Navy and was enrolled for pilot training. Unfortunately, he lost the Navy due to color-blindness. Subsequently, he was sent to Barbers Point where he was responsible for training combat aircrewman and pilots. A few days later, in 1949, he completed his BA in drama and economics.

Paul Newman

In 1951, he along with his wife Jackie Witte came to New York City. Simultaneously, he made his television career and in 1952, he credited role in “Tales of Tomorrow” episode. In 1953, he made his Broadway debut with the play “Picnic.” In 1954 he was featured in a live television episode “Our Town.” In 1955, he just appeared in the play “The Desperate Hours,” and in 1959, he was in the play “Sweet Bird of Youth.”

In 1954, he was featured in a film “The Silver Chalice,” and the film did not make it in the box-office. In 1956, he was cast in a leading role in the film "Somebody Up There is Like Me" in place of James Dean, a famous actor. He gained attention for his role. In 1958, he was starred in "The Left-Handed Gun" in place of James Dean. In the same year, he was also featured in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “The Long Hot Summer.”


After he won the award for the movie "The Long Hot Summer" he was featured in 25 films, out of them, he shared screen space with his second wife Joanne Woodward in 11 films. Also, the couple was starred in a miniseries “Empire Falls” but did not appear in any common scene. In addition to acting in films, he directed four films starring his wife, Woodward.

He appeared in supporting role in the year 2002 and started working as a voice actor in 2005. He has provided his voice to animated movie “Cars” in 2006. He also records narration for two documentaries in 2007 and 2008. After his death in 2008, his voice archive recordings were used in “Cars 3” in 2017.  

Paul Newman Biography

Apart from acting and directing, he was also in food products and started his food products in the year 1982 with the brand name Newman’s Own. Their food products include salad dressing, pasta sauce, popcorn, lemonade, salsa and much more.

Paul Newman Awards

He was nominated for Academy Award for the movie “Cat on a Tin Roof.” He won Best Actor Award for the film “The Long Hot Summer” at Cannes Film Festival. Also, he won Silver Bear for the film “Nobody’s Fool” at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 1968, Harvard University’s Performance group named him as “Man of the Year.”

In 1986, he received an honorary Academy Award. In 1992, Newman along with his second wife Joanne Woodward received “the Kennedy Center Honours.” In 1994, he along with his second wife received the award by Jefferson Awards for “Greatest Public Service Benefiting the Disadvantaged.” Sorts Movies & TV – Milano International FICTS Fest, 2008 edition was dedicated in Newman memory. In 2017, his Rolex Daytona was auctioned and became the most expensive watch ever sold.


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