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People Also Search For: What Do People Search for on Google? This is How You Find Out!

by Ciara C.

People Also Search For, What Do People Search For

What Do People Search for on Google? 

Do you know that 3.5 billion searches are made every day? Google seems to be our second brain where we can throw out any question, desire, thought, etc. Google Search records everything that people search and classify them by country, state, and category. It is indubitably the place where you can feel the zeitgeist, the spirit of the time driven by the general intellectual, moral, cultural climate of the era. What people search for on Google somehow describes the main interests of a population and of a time period. Are you curious to know what do people search for on Google? This is how you find out...

How to Use Google Search?

Keyword search

When using google trends you can select any keyword and see how much it has been searched for in every state, as well as in every country. For example, if you select Taylor Swift, you'll see a graphic describing the interest over time, as well as all related queries.

You can apply filters to any keyword research such as:

  • Country or state: you can select any state or country in the world.
  • Time range: you can select a very short period of time as well as the whole past decade and more meaning the past hour, past 4 hours, past day, past 30 days, past 90 days, past 12 months, past 5 years, 2004 to present, or any custom time range.
  • Categories: you can select all categories or a specific one such as Health, Beauty & Fitness, Food & Drink, News, Science, Shopping, Travel and so on...
  • Type of search: Web Search, Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping, or YouTube search.
google trends
Compare Keywords

Google Trends also offers you the option to compare different keywords and observe what are the main interests of a specific state or country. You'll also have the opportunity to observe on a timeline which keyword was mostly searched for. You can apply filters such as a selected time period, state of the country and see how it's been evolving, as well as which one is the most popular. Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift? Japanese food or Burgers?

google search

Daily searches trends

Do you wonder what people in your country or state are mostly looking for today? A section of Google Trends is dedicated to rank all searches of the day. For example, you can find out that on January 1, 2020, the most popular searches were: Happy New Year! 2020; Premier League; Auburn football, Stores open on New Year's Day, Pope Francis, Winter Classic 2020; Mummers Parade 2020.

You can also look up into real-time search trends and see what popped up in the last 24 hours.

google search
Years in Search

Find out what most people looked for in a whole year and get a clue of what was on-trend. By looking into the section Year in Search you'll have a top 5 of Searches; News; People; Actors; Athletes; Babies; Diets; Fashion Style searches; Home Style searches; Movies; Musicians and Bands; Outfit ideas; Passings; People of the Red Carpet; Professional Sport Scores; Recipes; Songs; Trip to...; TV Shows; Weddings; What is...?; Where is...?; Como...; Donde...; Peliculas; Que es...; Recetas.

For example, you can learn that the top 5 Searches are: Disney Plus, Cameron Boyce, Nipsey Hussle, Hurricane Dorian, and Antonio Brown.

You can select any country and see what was on-trend for a whole year in a specific country.

Google Search Year Trends

What People Listen To

With Google Search, you can see who is in the horserace of the 5 most popular artists. You can see what people searched for and which artists they googled the most by year, month, and even in the last decade. Adele? Justin Bieber? Nicki Minaj? Eminem? Beyoncé? One direction? Cardi B? Ariana Grande? Kesha? Wiz Khalifa? Bruno Mars? Lorde? You'll be surprised to watch how it is constantly changing.

Here are the trendiest musical artists and the most searched for in December 2019, for instance:

Google Search

Topic of Interest

Do you want to know what is the trend of a specific topic suggested by Google throughout a few years or months? Do you want to know if this topic is hot in the United States, in France or in Japan? With Google Trends, you can explore a specific topic worldwide or in a specific country and see how it was trending throughout the chosen period. You can also choose two topics, such as two football players, two cakes, two or more dishes such as Pho, Ramen, and Soba and see in which countries it's been the most searched for and the evolution all along the chosen time period.

Google Search
Search terms

In addition, to see what people search for, you can also select a specific topic and explore how much it's been searched for, which country or state has the most interest in this topic and what are the rising related topics and related queries. For example, if you write "Election" in Google Trends search bar you'll have different charts and diagrams showing the interest over time, interest by subregion, related topics and related queries. 

google search

If you don't have a clue of what people search for and if you want to have suggestions concerning related queries for a specific topic, click on the "Explore" section of Google Trends and select the category of your choice. If you want to learn about food trends in the United States or in your area select "Food & Drink" and see which specific terms are in vogue. If you want to search for the most popular news topic, select "News" and see what captivates people around you or anywhere else in the world.

Have a great time!


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