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People Finders Com Review. People Finders People Search Website Review!

by Goni S.

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Peoplefinders Review: Get to Know and the Services it Provides!

People search engines allow you to find accurate data about individuals from all over the country, and there are plenty of these types of sites to choose from. It can be difficult to choose an accurate search engine, especially if you need to pay for a subscription and you don't want your money to go down the drain. boasts several people search services for you to choose from, and it competes with similar sites. So, should you try out services? Will you get your money's worth? Find out with our full review!

People Finders General Information and Numbers

According to, the website holds more than 43 billion records about individuals from the United States. This means that users have access to more than 43 billion public records that provide information about people in the United States, which is a bonus.

The website also has access to more than 6,000 data sources, which guarantees that you, as a user, will get information quickly and easily. Aside from personal use, businesses who seek data-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions can use Peoplefinders enterprise division with its scalable options to find the data they need. The services include data append, batch, API, and additional online services that various businesses can use. provides professional information to real estate agents, law firms, investigators, and other professionals with accurate and reliable data about people in the United States.

People Finders Com Online Services provides several online services that you can use to find information about practically anyone of 250 million Americans:

People search – People Finders com provides a people search service that allows you to track down old classmates, family members, love interests, and other people from your past or present. The search is a name-based query that requires users to provide the first name, last name, and their city and state of residence. Once the online search engine has this information, it will begin a public records' search to provide users with contact information about the person they are searching for.

People search

Address data – if you intend on moving to a new home in a new neighborhood, you can use people finders to get residential information about your new surroundings. To perform the search, you need to provide a house number, a street name, the city of residence and the state of residence. The website will then provide you with information about house prices, taxes in the area, information about schools, neighborhood information, the people who live in the said area, and much more. With the information provided by people finder com, users can make well-informed decisions based on accurate information about residential areas.

Address data

Background check - provides an in-depth background check service that allows users to find much more than just basic information about people. By providing the full name and residential information about a particular person, people finders will perform a search for their background data. The data will include aliases, criminal records, arrest records, sex offender registries, contact information, and much more. The information provided by is intended to allow people to make sure that people in their lives told them the truth about themselves.

Background check

Criminal records - mugshots, arrest, convictions, court records, and much more information are provided with website. 

Criminal records

Reverse phone number search – also provides one of the most popular services that people need – a reverse phone number search. Once a user enters a phone number into the directory, the website will collect information about the person whose phone number it is. The search allows users to learn about mystery phone calls and phone numbers of people in their lives. The service can be used to make sure a person who is calling you has provided you with truthful information about themselves, like their name, address, criminal record, and much more.  

phone number search Prices

You can choose between several membership plans with people finders based on your needs. If you want a one-time check on someone, you can choose to perform a single search that costs $1.95. An unlimited people search membership costs $14.95 for the first month, and $24.95 thereafter. If you need a single background check, it will cost you $19.95, and the report will include all the public records data about that person, including criminal records.

To conduct unlimited background checks, you will need to purchase a membership plan that costs $19.95 for the first month and $29.95/month. So, you have several plans to choose from if you want to conduct people searches and background checks.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned before, has access to billions of public records; these records are records that contain personal information about people that is made available to the public. A free people search engine will provide you with access to basic public records' data, like people's contact information, but for deeper access, payment is required. So, that is why the website charges members for access to public records.


Peoplefinders Review – the Bottom Line

The bottom line of this people finders review as that the website's pros outweigh the cons – the website has in-depth access to public records, so you will be able to get all the information you need in one place. Also, the main public records search services are available – people search, address search, reverse phone number search, and background check. The one downside of the site is that it does not provide social media information, so if that is the type of data you are searching for, you will need to use another website that provides access to such information.

Additional advantages of PeopleFinders include the website's easy canceling policy; there are many people search websites these days that make it difficult for members to cancel their membership. Moreover, there are websites that continue to bill their members even after the cancelation of membership.

These types of complaints are very common with people search sites, but PeopleFinders is different; the website's users reported a very easy and hassle-free membership cancellation process. So, If you purchase a membership with PeopleFinders and at some point, you change your mind, you can contact the customer support service and easily cancel your plan.

Data credibility is also a big plus with PeopleFinders; there are numerous cases where people find that the information provided to them by background check sites is inaccurate; luckily, People Finders is different. The website collects data from official sources, and it provides accurate reports in all its directories.

PeopleFinders Review

One additional service that the website's users enjoy is the relatives' search; the site tracks down close and distant relatives, so users can find their family members quickly and easily. Not everyone is interested in finding family members that have never met, but in many cases, this search is welcome; so, if you want to find people in your family tree that you do not know or might not have even heard of, PeopleFinders will provide you with the information you want.

And here are some reviews by the website's users from

- "My Rep was very pleasant and was happy to correct a couple things and provide me a refund. Great Customer service."

- "Had trouble logging into my account. Vernell helped me out. Great customer service & product knowledge! Thanks, Vernell!"

- "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for excellent customer service presentation. Elena was very concise, informed, professional, and effective in her efforts to assist me on today. I encourage you to deem her as an asset to your company and if possible reward her for her work ethic. Elena is very professional and productive. Thank you Elena."


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