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Colorado General info

Colorado encompasses the southern part of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is surrounded by Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Nebraska. Colorado is one of the most liberal states in the country. It is one of the few states in the country that does not criminalize abortion and assisted suicide.

In 2018, Colorado elected an openly gay governor, the first U.S. state to do so. The state has several museums that are home to artifacts of scientific, artistic, cultural, and historic importance.  Colorado is known for its bustling theater and music scene.

Colorado Capital
Colorado’s capital is Denver, which is also the state’s most populous city.

Colorado Governor
Colorado’s incumbent governor is John Hickenlooper. His term expired in 2018. The state’s Governor-elect Jared Polis will take office on Jan 8, 2019. Polis is a member of the Democratic Party.

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Colorado Population: Demographics, and Most Populated Cities

The state’s population primarily comprises of whites, blacks, and Hispanics. The number of non-English speakers in the state is lower than the national average. Compared to several other U.S. states, Colorado has a higher number of native German speakers. The most common birthplaces of foreign-born citizens in Colorado are Germany, Canada, and Mexico.

The most populated cities in Colorado are Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Springs Colorado, Lakewood, Thornton, and Arvada.

Colorado Racial Breakdown

Whites (including Hispanic whites) comprise around 82 percent of the state’s total population. Hispanics and Latin Americans make up around 21 percent of the total population. Over the years, blacks, people of multicultural races, native Hawaiians, and Asian Americans have made the state their home. 


Colorado Major Cities
Major cities in Colorado are Denver, Aspen, Aurora, Pueblo, Fort Collins, Boulder, Breckenridge, and Grand Junction.

Colorado Attorney General
Colorado's incumbent Attorney General is Cynthia Coffman. She has been serving the state since 2015. Her term expired in 2018. The Attorney General-elect Phil Weiser will take office in 8th January 2019.

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Colorado Senators
The current Senators representing Colorado are Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner. While Gardner is associated with the Republican Party, Bennet is a member of the Democratic Party. 

Colorado Languages
Some non-English languages spoken in Colorado are Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, French, Korean, Arabic, and Hindi.

Colorado Major Courts
Colorado’s court system comprises of several state courts and federal courts. The federal courts in the state are United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and United States District Court for the District of Colorado. State courts in Colorado are Colorado Court of Appeals, Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado District Courts, and Colorado County Courts.

Colorado Native American History

Native Americans were the first settlers in Colorado. They arrived in the state in 10,000 B.C. In 7,000 B.C. native tribes including Apache, Pueblo, Zuni, Kiowa, Pawnee, Ute, and Shoshone started building basic settlements. In 2,500 B.C, the residents learned ceramics and pottery. In 1,000 B.C., the locals started making permanent homes. In the 17th century, the first European settlers arrived in the state.

Colorado Geography: How Big the State is
Colorado is the 8th largest state area wise. It has a total area of 104,094 sq mi.

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Colorado Industries and Jobs: What are the most sought-after industries and jobs

The most popular industries in Colorado are restaurants & food services, construction, and elementary & secondary schools. Most locals work as retails salespersons, miscellaneous managers, and elementary and middle school teachers.

Colorado National Parks, Monuments and Historic Landmarks

Some historic landmarks in the state are Bent’s Old Fort, Cripple Creek Historic District, Lowry Ruin, and Leadville Historic District. Colorado is home to four national parks including Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde National Park.

Best Things to Do in Colorado:

  • Ascend Mount Bierstadt.
  • Visit Mesa Verde
  • Explore Great Sand Dunes National Park.
  • Rafting Arkansas.

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