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How to Reconnect with Your Biological Parents Around 7 million Americans are adopted and around 140,000 children are adopted by Americans each year, according to Adoption Research in 2013. As an adoptee, how natural is it to ask yourself tons of questions. What is my story, my past? Where do I come from? Who are my biological parents? All these questions arise at some point with the desire to solve the puzzle and, at the same time, build your identity. It's totally natural to want to know your roots and what is the story behind your adoption. There are multiple ways to investigate your biological parents. How to find your birth parents? These are the avenues to be explored!

Different Types of Adoption

At the time of the adoption, the birth and adoptive parents determine if the adoption is open, semi-open or closed (choice may be imposed). This will determine the kind of relationship the birth parents and adoptive parents will have, in the interest of the adopted child. Do you know if yours has been determined, as open, semi-open or closed?

An Open Adoption means that the adoptive parents and birth parents interact during the pregnancy and after the birth freely, as they want and feel, without any restriction. Visits, calls, pictures, texts are allowed. A Semi-Open Adoption means that the birth and adoptive families can share, however, they must remain anonymous. In a Closed Adoption, no information can be shared, and no contact can occur between adoptive parents and birth parents.

Find Birth Parents

Question Your Adoptive Family

Your adoptive family may be able to give you useful information concerning the circumstances of the adoption, where did it take place, if they have a birth certificate, the name of your genetic mother or any information that could lead you more easily to your birth family. Information such as where your birth mother comes from, her age, place of birth, etc. Also, if there might be a social worker, a lawyer or an agency involved in the procedure. It's always good to reassure your adoptive family on your intentions while questioning, explain the reasons why you search, and the importance of their support.
Adoption Records & Adoption Reunion Registry

Adoption records are sealed after the adoption but can be accessible if requested under certain conditions by the person that is allowed to, typically, adoptee, biological parents, adoptive parents. Parties may obtain identifying and non-identifying information depending on what has been decided during the adoption. Procedures vary from a state to another in order to access adoption records. What are the steps to follow?

First, go to the county clerk of the county of adoption where you will file a petition form, the judge will then decide to either grant or deny your request depending on your reason. If the record consists of non-identifying information, you may obtain the date and place of birth of the adopted person, age and physical description of the birth parents, educational level and occupation of the birth parents, reasons for placing the child for adoption and existence of other children born to each birth parent. If the record consists of identifying information, you'll obtain current and past names, addresses, employment, etc.

Find Biological Parents

Search Angels

Search Angels and other nonprofit associations of this type help you to perform a search to find your birth family. The volunteers have a similar story than yours and are skilled at finding adoptees' birth families in different ways, either by a traditional search and genetic genealogy. You will be helped to understand your rights, to start all the steps you can take, whether you are adopted or the birth parent of an adopted child. There is also a Reunion Registry, where you can submit your information; if a submission that matches up your information is received, you'll be contacted right away.

Find Biological Parents
Technology and Social Media

If you already have some pieces of information about your birth parents, you can eventually search for their names and see if you want to become virtual friends, you can also decide to start discussing with half-brother or half-sisters if you know you have some. Social media should be used with caution, as it is not always easy to identify the right person. Some people do not have their real names, and many have similar names. It's always good to give it a try!

New technologies are revolutionizing everything and even the way you can find your biological parents. Indeed, the new legislation as well as the recent democratization of DNA tests, allow those who wish, to conduct the investigation with the analysis of their DNA. Some companies such as will help you to connect with your past by analyzing your DNA.

GoLookup Find Birth Family

People Search Directory

Very simple and easy, a people search directory is the ideal place to start your search when you have some information, such as a name, a first name, the contact of a half-brother, etc. You can simply enter the name of your birth mother or birth father, even if you have no more information and you do not know where they live. A background check and people search service such as GoLookup allows you to search statewide and have results of all the people carrying this name in all the United States. You will get results that include age, address, name and aliases, close relatives, social media accounts and all public records related to that person. The advantage is that you can perform an unlimited search so that you can try with different names and at different times until you find the lost relatives you are looking for. Start searching now!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!