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Important things to know about the State of New Jersey! 

Though, as a large nation, the United States of America faces some challenges, the country can surmount the challenges by putting in place local governance systems. Formation of some states has helped in narrowing down the focus on inefficient governance. It is true that every state of the country is unique in their way, but the uniqueness of New Jersey is different from that of others. Let us now find out more on this state.

New Jersey and some of its popular cities.

New Jersey, the capital of which is Trenton, has within it some of the popular cities of the country such as Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Toms River, Clifton, Trenton, and Brick Township. 

Governor of New Jersey

The present and 56th Governor of New Jersey is Philip Dunton Murphy, who is a financier, politician, and a diplomat. He belongs to the Democratic Party and has been holding the post from 2018. In the gubernatorial election held in 2017, he defeated Kim Guadagno, the then Lieutenant Governor.

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Most populated cities of New Jersey

1 Newark 285,154

2 Jersey City 270,753

3 Paterson 148,678

4 Elizabeth 130,215

5 Edison 102,450

6 Toms River 91,050

7 Clifton 86,607

8 Trenton 84,964

9 Brick Township 75,516

 New Jersey Population breakdown based on race

As far as the race-wise population of New Jersey state is concerned, Whites are the majority with 5.05 million, that is 56.7% of the total population. Next comes Hispanic with 1.64 million, that is 18.4%. There are 1.21 millions of Blacks, that is 13.5%, 819,000 Asians, and 144,000 people of mixed races in the state. There are 49,600 people who belong to other races.

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Major cities of the state

1. Newark

Newark is the biggest metropolis of New Jersey. Getting around the city is very easy because you have various means that include the subway, the roads, footbridges, bike-paths, and waterways. For those who prefer air travel, the Newark Liberty International Airport is there from which they have connectivity to various parts of the world. The city is famous for its cherry blossoms. The Branch Brook Park in the city alone has 4,300 cherry trees. 

2. Jersey City

Jersey city is famous for its monumental attractions. The city is popular also for the communal harmony that prevails there and its exciting nightlife. Jersey City is located near New York City, and it may be one of the reasons for its expanding skyline. The diverse population that lives in the city adds to its pride. Residents of the city comprise Italians, Jewish, Irish, Filipinos, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Indians, and Africans. 

3. Paterson

Paterson is popular for its industrial history. The energy generated from the Passaic River Gorge falls that is located in the city is what helps in running the manufacturing mills of the city. Thanks to the large quantum of silk that was being manufactured in Paterson during the 19th century and the early 20th century, the city got the "silk city" tag. The industrial activities of the city include the manufacture of cotton textiles, forging of steam locomotives, and assembling of airplane engines and Colt revolvers.

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4. Elizabeth

Elizabeth was the original and the first capital of the state of New Jersey. Even the Princeton University was originally located here. People from over 50 countries speaking 37 languages live here. Since Elizabeth is closely located to the Newark Liberty International Airport, Manhattan, and the Garden State Parkway, it is considered a major transportation hub. The city is popular for its marina that is in a sprawling area of 2,000 acres. Thanks to this marina and its largest container-ship port, Elizabeth tops in the volume of foreign trade in the whole of the USA. 

5. Trenton

There are several sight-seeing opportunities in Trenton. Most of these are centered around the locations where the Revolutionary War took place. One of the oldest among them is the home of William Trent, who founded Trenton. The Washington Crossing State Park is also another tourist attraction because it was the place from where Washington could cross the Delaware River. The New Jersey State Cultural Center provides some cultural opportunities for residents as well as tourists. The planetarium and the museum are other attractions of the city.


Attorney General of New Jersey state

Gurbir Grewal, a Sikh American, is the sixty-first and current Attorney General of New Jersey state. He was appointed by Jersey Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey. The Senate of the state confirmed his appointment during January 2018. 

New Jersey Senators

The current senators of New Jersey state are Bob Menendez, and Cory Booker and both of them belong to the Democratic party. While the former has been holding office since 2006, the latter is there since 2013. 

Languages are spoken in New Jersey state.

Apart from English, the other languages spoken in New Jersey state are Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Gujarati, Korean, Portuguese, Hindi, Telugu, Haitian Creole, and Polish. There are about 192,000 people who speak Spanish. Around 9,600 students speak Chinese.

public records

Courts in New Jersey state

As far as the Federal courts in New Jersey are concerned, you have the District of New Jersey Court and the District of New Jersey Bankruptcy Court. 

New Jersey Municipal Courts and New Jersey Tax Court are courts of limited jurisdiction in the state.

The Superior Courts are the Trial Courts of the state.

As far as Appellate Courts are concerned, you have the New Jersey Supreme Court and the Appellate Division of Superior Court. 

Native American History of New Jersey

Most of the Native Americans were driven out of New Jersey when there was colonial expansion during the 18th century. But it should not be assumed that these tribes are now extinct because some of them and their descendants have got assimilated into the white society.

Geography of New Jersey

As far as the area of New Jersey is concerned, it is about 10,500 square miles, the length being 150 miles and the width, 70 miles. It is the Mercer County, that is about 5 miles to the southeast of the city of Trenton, the geographic center of the state is located. On the northern side of New Jersey is New York and on the south, you have the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay.

Industries and jobs

There are over 15,000 factories in New Jersey. The top industries that operate in the state and that offer job opportunities are Biopharmaceuticals, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Technology. 

National Parks, Monuments and Historic Landmarks 

Morristown National Historical Park, Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, and First State National Historical Park are some of the national parks in New Jersey. Holmdel Horn Antenna, Trenton Battle Monument, Rockingham Historic Site, Stonewall National Monument, Washington's Headquarters Museum, 1719 William Trent House Museum, and Governors Island National Monument are some of the monuments and historical landmarks in New Jersey.

Best things to do in New Jersey

If you are an inquisitive rolling-stone, you have several historical sites and monuments in New Jersey. Once you visit them, you are certain to enjoy the nostalgic memories of these visits in the future.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 19, 2019
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