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Pennsylvania Overview and Important Information!

A land blanketed by rolling hills, majestic trees, steep ridges and panoramic plateaus, the state of Pennsylvania is a haven for nature lovers. More than 50% of the state is covered in forest, and the rest is a good mixture of state-of-the-art cities and well-maintained state parks.

The Appalachian Mountains, Blue Mountain, Allegheny Mountains, and Pocono Mountains all cut through the state, adding extensive elevation to the plateau. Pennsylvania is home to the Pine Creek Gorge which is 50 miles long and 1000ft deep, the largest gorge in the State. The Delaware Water Gap, which separates New Jersey from Pennsylvania, is again a topography that is unique to Pennsylvania.

Lake Erie, one of the American Great Lakes, forms a 57-mile coastline along Pennsylvania's borders. Pennsylvania is the only one of the Atlantic Coast states that don't share a border with the ocean.

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Pennsylvania Ethnic history

Pennsylvania is home to 12.79 million people, of which 77.7% is white. Black/African-Americans account for 11% of the population, Hispanics 6.1%, Asians 3.1%, Mixed-race at 1.7% and other ethnic minorities at 0.3%. When compared to the rest of the United States, Pennsylvania has a relatively low ethnic diversity. The primary languages spoken here are English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, and Italian. The main religion followed is Christianity.

Pennsylvania has an ancient Native American history. Many Native American tribes lived in Pennsylvania since before the first Europeans colonized the State hundreds of years ago. The culture adopted by these tribes was predominantly the  Northeast Woodlands culture. Some of the tribes still present in Pennsylvania today are the Saponi, Shawnee, Lenape Delaware, Erie, Susquehanna, Tuscarora, Tutelo, Honniasont, Iroquois and Wenrohronon.


Pennsylvania Governance

Democrat Thomas Westerman Wolf is the current and overall 47th Governor of Pennsylvania, and he has held office since 2015. Before his election as Governor, Wolf was the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. He currently heads the executive branch of the state’s legal system.

Pennsylvania also has a bicameral legislature set-up by the 1970 Commonwealth's constitution and a unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, which administer the state and maintain the law. The Supreme Court is the highest authority of power.

Pennsylvania has contributed senators to the Federal US Government. Democrat Robert P. Casey, Jr. and Republican Pat Toomey are two of the currently-serving Pennsylvanians in the US Senate.

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Top cities of Pennsylvania

  • Harrisburg

Located on the Susquehanna River, Harrisburg is the Capital city of Pennsylvania and the county seat of the state. An American historical goldmine, Harrisburg was the backdrop for some of the most monumental events during the American Civil War and the Industrial Revolution. It is a culture and history hub today.

  • Philadelphia

The economic heart of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is a robust city that is home to some of the state’s biggest employers and working population. The city has also played a pivotal role in the Civil War and contains 67 National Historic Landmarks and the Independence Hall, a World Heritage Site.

  • Pittsburgh

Situated at the confluence of 3 rivers, the city of Pittsburg is the artistic and academic heart of Pennsylvania. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Phipps Conservatory, and Andy Warhol Museum are some of the world-famous landmarks you can find here. Pittsburg has also been the originating city for many of the world’s inventions like the polio vaccine and the first internet emoticon.

Other important cities of Pennsylvania are:

  • Allentown
  • Erie
  • Reading
  • Scranton
  • Bethlehem
  • Lancaster
  • Levittown
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Pennsylvania Most-lucrative industries

The State of Pennsylvania has a legacy in engineering, and that’s why it has one of the strongest industrial equipment fabrication industries in the US. Metal fabrication is a close second, and both industries are major job creators for the populace. Coal mining is another area that Pennsylvania (Scranton in particular) is excellent at. Other lucrative industries include:

  • Chemicals and allied products
  • Publishing
  • Health care
  • Architecture
  • Law
  • Office Administrative Support

Must-visit landmarks and places in Pennsylvania

  • Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell
  • Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Hershey Park
  • Presque Isle State Park
  • Valley Forge National Historical Park
  • Pennsylvania State Capitol
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Philadelphia's Masonic Temple
  • The Gifford Pinchot House
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 23, 2019
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