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Virginia Overview:

Virginia that is also known as the Commonwealth of Virginia has the pride of having given to USA 8 presidents. That is the reason the state is called "Mother of Presidents." Let us find out more on the state.

The capital of VirginiaRichmond is the capital of Virginia.

Governor of VirginiaRalph Shearer Northam, a physician, and a politician is the current and 73rd Governor of the state. He has been holding this post since 13th January 2018. During the period between 1984 and 1992, he had been a Medical Corps member.

Population: Demographics, and Most Populated Cities, and Racial Break down for the State:   

The population of the state of Virginia as per the census conducted during 2016 was 8,411,808. Experts opine that the increase in the population from the 2010 level is because 3,81,969 people have migrated into the state. 

As far as the ethnicity of the population is concerned, non-Hispanic Whites constitute 63%. People of German origin constitute 11.7%. 2.9% of the population say that they are biracial. As far as the minority groups living in Virginia are concerned, African Americans constitute 19.7% of the population according to a survey conducted during 2015.


Thanks to migrations during the latter part of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st century, quite a considerable number of Hispanics, as well as Asians, are now living in Virginia. The survey of 2015 reveals that  9.0% of the Virginian population constitute either Hispanics or those of Italian origin, and 6.5% of Asian origin.

In Northern Virginia's DC suburbs, large numbers of people of Salvadoran origin, as well as Vietnamese Americans, live. Similarly, in Southeast Virginia's Hampton Roads, quite a significant population of Puerto Ricans lives. Migration of Koreans to Virginia has started in recent years because they are said to be attracted by the high-quality school system of the state. In Southeast Virginia's Hampton Roads, approximately, 45,000 Filipino Americans live.

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Major cities of Virginia:

1. Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach ranks first among the most populous cities of the state of Virginia. Tourism is a major industry in Virginia Beach, thanks to the number of beaches here.

2. Norfolk
The city of Norfolk is popular because it is here the Naval Station Norfolk, that is the largest naval base of the US, is located. Since the city connects Elizabeth River with the Chesapeake Bay, it is a very important port city of Virginia.

3. Chesapeake 
The city of Chesapeake is located adjacent to the city of Norfolk. The geography of this city is highly diverse because it has in it not only sprawling forests and farms but a sizable portion of the Great Dismal Swamp. Chesapeake and North Carolina share a border. 

4. Richmond 
Being the capital of the state of Virginia, Richmond houses the state legislature and some important landmarks including those historical ones that belong to the period of the Revolutionary War. It was in this city Patrick Henry uttered his emotionally popular and powerful words, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death." 

5. Newport News
The city of Newport News is popular because its culture, as well as the economy, have inextricable links with the US military. Air Force, Navy, and the Army of the country have a huge presence in the city.

6. Alexandria
Alexandria is located in the county of Arlington that lies along the Potomac River. The distance between this city and Washington, D.C. is only six miles. Alexandria was a settlement since 1695 but thanks to the tobacco trade that started thriving there, it became a commercial center.

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7. Hampton 
Hampton is located along a river that goes by the same name. The highly popular Hampton University is located in the city. NASA's Langley Research Center and Virginia's Air and Space Center are a few other important establishments functioning from the city.

8. Roanoke
Roanoke ranks among the ten big cities of the state of Virginia. Not only that, the city has some must-see destinations for tourists and those who like sight-seeing. The highly popular Appalachian Trail ranks among the several natural diversions that attract visitors all through the year.

9. Portsmouth
The city of Portsmouth that was founded during the year 1752 has been the main resource that caters to the needs of the US Navy. The shipyard of this city was contested both by the Confederacy and the Union when the American Civil War was fought.
10. Suffolk 
Suffolk mountains rank among the largest land areas in the state of Virginia. It was in this city that Planters' Peanuts, the famous snack brand, and also Peanut, its mascot, were launched.

Attorney General of Virginia - Mark Rankin Herring is the current Attorney General of the state of Virginia. This 47th Attorney General of the state is a likely candidate for the 2021 gubernatorial post. He belongs to the Democratic Party. Earlier, he served in Virginia's Senate for which he was elected through a special election conducted in 2006. 

Senators of Virginia - Tim Kaine and Mark Warner are the current senators of the state. Both belong to the Democratic Party. While the former has been serving since 2013, the latter has been a senator since 2009.

Languages spoken in Virginia - The widely spoken languages of the state of Virginia are English and Spanish. French and German are popular also. Korean is another common language spoken in the state. Korean is spoken in 92 localities.

Major Courts of the states of Virginia - In the state of Virginia, there is a Supreme Court that is located in Richmond. There is a Court of Appeals as well that hears the appeal cases against decisions or verdicts passed by the circuit courts or the Workers' Compensation Commission of Virginia. Apart from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, there are Circuit Courts as well as District Courts also.

History of the state of Virginia

It was Sir Walter Raleigh who explored the area a part of which was Virginia during his North American expedition during the 16th century. It was Queen Elizabeth I who named the area as "Virginia." It was in 1776 a constitution was adopted establishing the state of Virginia as a commonwealth.

Patrick Henry was the first Governor of the state. In 1780, Richmond became the capital of Virginia because the then Governor, Thomas Jefferson, feared that the then capital, Williamsburg, was vulnerable to an attack by the British in the American Revolutionary War. Though the state seceded from the American Union in 1861, it again joined the Confederacy at the time of the Civil War.

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The state of Virginia has been divided into five regions such as Tidewater, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Ridge and Valley, and Cumberland Plateau. The total area of the state is 42,774.2 square miles that include water of 3,180.13 square miles. The state is bordered by Maryland and Washington DC, the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Industries and jobs

In Tidewater that is the Coastal Plain, the main produce is Seafood. Major industries operating in this region are shipbuilding, tourism, and federal military installations.

In Piedmont, tobacco is the main item produced. Some Information Technology related companies function here.

The Blue Ridge Mountains supply a large number of apples to the country.

Similarly, the Valley and Ridge region supply poultry products and apples.

Appalachian Plateau is popular for coal mining and related products.

National Parks, Monuments and Historic Landmarks

There are 30 National Park Service units in the State of Virginia. They include Great Falls Park and the Appalachian Trail, and a national park, and the Shenandoah National Park. Also, the state has 34 state parks as well as 17 state forests. The Chesapeake Bay itself is a park the protection of which is being taken care of by state legislation as well as federal legislation. 

The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge are other facilities for protecting the fauna of the state.

Best things to do in the state of Virginia

Lovers of nature can visit the parks in the state and similarly, those who like to imbibe nature can visit the wildlife refuges. Since those who live in the urban areas bear the brunt of pollution thanks to rapid industrialization and technological advancements, they will find these parks and wildlife refuges refreshing and rejuvenating.

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