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PeopleWhiz Review: Website Review, Pricing, Features and Opt Out Information

by Andy A.

PeopleWhiz, People Whiz Review, Website Review, Pricing, Features, and Opt-Out Information

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it is easy for people to lead double lives, keep secrets, and hide important information from employers, landlords, and partners. However, luckily technology also provides us with ways to uncover lies if you know where to look. Background searches help people discover truths about acquaintances, friends, and family. There are many accessible sites for anyone to use, with one of the options being PeopleWhiz. Is PeopleWhiz worth what it costs? How accurate is the information? Find out with the following review of PeopleWhiz.  

PeopleWhiz Review

PeopleWhiz General Information and Numbers

PeopleWhiz brands itself as a robust data architecture and proprietary platform with over 67 billion searchable public records. PeopleWhiz has one simple mission in mind, to provide users with highly detailed, accurate background reports in a short amount of time. While in days past, running a background check on someone meant visiting public record offices from whichever county they have lived in throughout the years and waiting for the offices to locate these records. Nowadays with services like PeopleWhiz, the process is infinitely faster, cheaper and available from the comfort of your home or office.  


PeopleWhiz excels in its simple interface which is easy to use for anyone. With just one option, it is an alternative to other services that offer 20 different sorts of searches.

PeopleWhiz Online Services

PeopleWhiz offers one type of Public Records Search which covers all the bases. Their standard reports include criminal records, personal details, address history, various license records, marriage/divorce records, relative data and sex offender search. Once you are a member of PeopleWhiz, you can also purchase a premium report which will provide you with more information that is available beyond the standard report. 

People Whiz Review

How PeopleWhiz Works

PeopleWhiz is similar to other sites in the way it provides results for its users. The site has collected over 67 billion public records. These records come from various government agencies and local record offices and include vital records and censuses. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) enables the access of these records to the public since 1967. Some information and records are also available from the private sector if compelled to under the FOIA. 

PeopleWhiz also takes information from the social media accounts of whoever you are searching in addition to all the public records to create a comprehensive report. All you need to do is type in the first and last name of your query as well as the city and state they are from. The site will then ask you to select the correct person from the results of the search. You can usually identify which of the results is the person you are looking for based on the age or known relatives.

You will then be forwarded to a page in order to register your account, at this stage you will just be required to insert your email. Following registration, you will be forwarded to a payment page where you will need to select which plan you want. After your payment is received you will be able to access the report. Prices

PeopleWhiz is a bit secretive about their prices and does not have them listed on any page of their site. You will need to run through a complete search and register before being able to see the costs of PeopleWhiz. The site works with monthly subscriptions which allows you unlimited searches and standard reports on the site. There are three types of monthly plans:

  • A 1 month of unlimited searches for 27.99 
  • A 3-month plan will cost you 22.95 per month 
  • A 6-month plan 14.95 per month almost 50% 

Once you pay for a monthly plan, you will be able to run a premium search on the platform. The premium search has an additional fee and will provide a more comprehensive in-depth screening than the standard report. 

How to Opt-Out of PeopleWhiz?

PeopleWhiz makes it fairly simple for one to remove their pubic records information from its search results. You do not need to be a member of PeopleWhiz in order to remove your information from the page. The records will still be public, they just won’t appear on PeopleWhiz’s results. To remove your info from the PeopleWhiz database, you will need to enter your name into the search box, on the remove your info page. You will then need to enter your email address and confirm your wish to opt-out and provide identification to prove who you are.

How to Opt-Out of PeopleWhiz

 After following these steps you should receive a confirmation email notifying you that the request is in process. PeopleWhiz will notify its data partners, instructing them not to return info on a search in your name. It can take up to 5 days for your information to be removed from the site and if new records are released to the public after you have requested to remove the information, it may be re-listed. 

PeopleWhiz Review – the Bottom Line

Some of the reviews online for PeopleWhiz speak positively about the service. The testimonials on the site include reviews that compliment PeopleWhiz on helping them with dating or finding a lost love. 

“I was desperately trying to find a long lost love from nearly 50 years ago and wasn’t having any luck until I stumbled upon PeopleWhiz. Thank you!”

“I'm single and I use PeopleWhiz every time I meet someone on a dating app. Your site is a Godsend.”

On other sites, however, many reviewers claim that they were given wrong information about their search query and that the site claimed they had a criminal record that did not exist. PeopleWhiz tends to have a very low rating on review sites and 42 one-star reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. Overall, the site seems very easy to use and aims to provide the best information possible, but the online reviews seem to warn users of possible scams. 


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