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PeopleWhiz People Search: People Search Service by How Does PeopleWhiz People Search Work?

by David H.

PeopleWhiz People Search, People Search PeopleWhiz

People Search Service by How Does PeopleWhiz People Search Work, We Explain

The currency of the 1st century is information. Big data companies make billions off of selling information, while this information is on a macro level and not personal, there are many ways to find information about specific people. The reasons to want to find out more about an individual are many. Maybe you are dating someone new, or you have a suspicious neighbor.

Regardless of the circumstance, it is important to know about people in your life in order to keep yourself and your family safe. One of the ways to get this information is through people search and background search services. One of these sites is PeopleWhiz, this article will explain how PeopleWhiz searches work, where they get their information from, and what their services provide. 

PeopleWhiz People Search

PeopleWhiz Overview

PeopleWhiz is a people search website that collects public records and provides reports on individuals that can show social media profiles, photos, mugshots, criminal records, background checks, contact info and more. The company is based in California and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. PeopleWhiz brands itself as a robust data architecture and proprietary platform with over 67 billion searchable public records.

PeopleWhiz Services

PeopleWhiz offers one service that provides a lot of information in one search. A people search with PeopleWhiz can provide you with:


Criminal records-A people search with PeopleWhiz can provide you with anyone’s criminal/arrest records if they exist. These records are used by law enforcement like the police or sheriff's office to keep record of a person’s criminal history. Arrest and criminal records are useful to employers or landlords who want to know if someone they will be working with or living with has a criminal past. PeopleWhiz criminal records can include all information that comes in a criminal record such as the last known address, age, and may also include details about arrests including mug shots, criminal charges, identifying marks, known aliases, race, height, and weight.

People Search PeopleWhiz

Personal details- A people search with PeopleWhiz can also show you any personal details that are listed in public records. In many cases, a home address and ground line phone number of the person you are looking for can be listed, but you may also be able to get an email address and even a cell phone number. Finding someone’s personal information is useful if you are trying to get back in touch with someone you have lost contact with. 

Address history- The report from PeopleWhiz can also include the individual’s current address as well as past addresses he/she has lived in in the past. This is particularly useful if you have a renter and want to see if they were truthful about where they have lived in the past, or to check to see if a partner is being truthful about their past. 

License records- License records that are included in a PeopleWhiz report can be aviation licenses, boat licenses and other licenses that will show up in public records searches. 

Marriage/Divorce Records-Marriage and Divorce records are particularly important to find when doing a background check on someone you are looking to date. It is not uncommon to start dating someone and to later discover that that person has a wife or another family, people lying about being previously married is even more common. Running a simple people search check PeopleWhiz can give you this valuable information earlier in the relationship.

How Does PeopleWhiz Gather Information?

PeopleWhiz is very much similar to other people search and background search services in the way it collects information and provides the information to its users. PeopleWhiz has collected over 67 billion public records. These records are considered public due to The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of 1967 which rules that many federal records have to be available to the public.

Many states have their own FOIAs as well although different states have differing criteria for what information can be released. The records come from various government agencies ranging from local, state and federal sources. Some information and records are also available from the private sector and can be included in the reports. PeopleWhiz also takes information from the social media accounts of whoever you are searching in addition to all the public records to create a comprehensive report. 

How Does PeopleWhiz Work? 

PeopleWhiz is very easy to navigate and use. You simply need to enter the first and last name of your query as well as the city and state they are from into the search box. The site will then forward you to a result page with all the people that fit the search parameters you have inserted and ask you to select the correct person from the results. You can typically identify which of the results is the person you are looking for based on the age or known relatives. 

PeopleWhiz review

 You will then be forwarded to a page in order to register an account if you do not already have one, at the first stage you will just be required to insert your email. Following this step, you will be forwarded to a payment page where you will need to select which plan you want. There are 3 options of plans available. All the plans include unlimited searches within a specific time period. A 1-month plan is 27.99, a 3-month plan will cost you 22.95 per month and a 6-month plan 14.95 per month. After your payment is received you will be able to access the full report. 

Additionally, once you have a membership plan you can run a premium search on the PeopleWhiz. The premium search has an additional fee and will provide a more comprehensive in-depth screening than the standard report. 

PeopleWhiz Review

PeopleWhiz seems very simple to use, and the interface is very sleek and easy to use. There have, however, been a large number of complaints on Better Business Bureau and other review sites. Some complaints say that the information available was not extensive enough and provided them with no new information about the query beyond what they knew already. Others complained that the site showed that they had criminal records when they did not. 


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