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Peoria Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Brave Z.

Peoria Police Departments, City of Peoria Police Department

Peoria Police Departments Information

The City of Peoria Police Department is based in Peoria, Arizona. Art Miller is the current Chief of Police at Peoria Police. Peoria Police Departments have a strong family and community-focused policing philosophy. This molds how these departments conduct regular business. A main and vital component to this community-focused philosophy is certain programs such as the Citizen Police Academy, Neighborhood Block Watch, Volunteer Program, and Bicycle Patrols.

Currently, there are around 300 employees working for Peoria PD. This department has an operating budget of around $48 million USD.

Background Information About Peoria City

Peoria is located in Arizona State. It is the state’s ninth-largest city. According to a 2015 census, this city has 165,000 people. Located in the North West area of the Sun Valley near Phoenix, the state capital, Glendale neighbors Peoria to the East and Sun City to the West.

Peoria Police Departments
Peoria is a desirable place to live for families and retired folk. It’s also a great place to start a career. The area boasts year-round outdoor events at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, Peoria Sports Complex, etc. Peoria is also where the Mariners and Padres come for spring training.

Peoria is also loved because of the people who represent its police force and services. The Peoria Police Department has a stellar record for keeping crimes at bay. The force is committed to providing stellar services for their community members. These values are clearly displayed in the police department’s several international awards and accreditation recipients.

Peoria Police Department Address and Contact Information

To contact the Peoria Police Department by phone for non-emergencies, please dial: 623-773-8311

Listed below are other important Peoria Police phone numbers:

  • Crime Prevention- 623-773-7099
  • Drug Hotline 623-773-7123
  • Administration 623-773-7096
  • Records to obtain police reports 623-773-7098

Peoria Police Department Email:

To get in touch directly with the Chief of Police:

To learn more about the Peoria Police Department, visit

Citizens may use the website for the following purposes:

- To report a crime
- To submit a complaint
- To locate crime reports
- To register your alarms system
- To get police records
- To provide tips related to a crime
- For employment opportunities with the Peoria Police Department
- To learn about various community outreach programs

These are their most frequently used services. Other services are grouped in the following categories:

Online Services and Information- Animal Control, Annual Reports, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Identity Theft, Impounded Vehicle Request Hearing, Prescription Drug Collection Program, Sex Offenders, Submit a Commendation

City of Peoria Police Department
Police Department Jobs- Use this section to learn about what qualifications and requirements you need to become a police officer with the Peoria Police. This section lists Police Officer jobs, civilian positions, police officer lateral employment, minimum qualifications for both civilian and police positions, ask a recruiter, background forms.

Online Reporting- Civilians can report a crime online and submit a valuable tip.

Victim Resources- The department offers several support services for victims of crimes. These are:

Victim’s Advocates- This is a committed group of volunteers and professionals who work directly with victims of crimes.

Domestic Violence Awareness

If you were the victim of any type of crime, whether a violent crime, break-in, domestic violence, etc., it can be an overwhelming, scary and life-altering experience. Under this section, victims of such crimes can locate valuable assistance, support services, and resources.

The Peoria Victims Assistance Unit holds special services for victims of crimes. Its team does not discriminate based on religion, gender, age, disability, race or national origin.

To visit the United State Department of Justice, Arizona Department of Public Safety website:


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