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Phone Addiction: Know the Statistics!

by Rob V.

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Phone Addiction – The Statistics

Cell phones are as good as an extension of ourselves. At first, it was amazing to people how convenient cell phones were for contacting people while on the go. When smartphones started to gain popularity, a new dawn was welcomed in the age of communication. Now, people are using their phones not just for calling and messaging, but also to find information, share content, get directions, order food, book rides, and much more. Nowadays, people can't even think about living without their smartphones even for a day! And it's not just adults, but also teenagers and kids as well.

Symptoms of cell phone addiction:

At the same time, a behavioral issue has cropped up along with this development. Cell phone addiction can lead to impaired function and distress in individuals. The signs that may help recognize cell phone addiction are as follows:

  • Anxiety when the battery is low
  • Sleeps with the phone on or under the pillow
  • Uses the phone while driving or in other dangerous situations
  • Keeps the phone on the table during meals
  • Thinks the phone has rung or beeped when it has not
  • Spends more time connecting online than with real people

Statistics of phone addiction:

To clarify how prevalent yet disturbing smartphone addiction is, below are some shocking statistics that will illustrate this fact:

  • A shocking 84% of users worldwide cannot go a day without their smartphone. This number is still on the rise. (TIME Mobility Poll – 2012).
  • 44% of Americans check their work-related e-mail daily while on vacation. This implies that workers feel immensely compelled by their smartphones to stay on the grid, even during the time they have officially taken to go off the grid. (American Psychological Association).
  • Even back at home, 68% of workers check their work e-mail before 8 am, 50% check in bed, and 38% check at the dinner table.
  • One in Five smartphone users aged 18 to 34 has checked their cell phone during sex with their partner.
  • 50% of Americans sleep with their phones next to them. This number becomes 80% in the case of teenagers. In the future, children may all grow up sleeping with even brighter and more exciting buzzing contraptions on their pillows.
  • 40% of Americans check their phones on the toilet.
  • In a survey by Time’s Techland, 20% of respondents said they check their phones every ten minutes.
  • The average smartphone user checks their phone 47 times a day – that amounts to 17,155 times a year.
  • 80% of smartphone users check their phones within an hour of waking or going to sleep – 35% of this segment check their phones within 5 minutes.
  • 85% of users will check their smartphones while in conversation with friends and family.
  • With waterproof smartphones now available, 12% of adults use their phones in the shower.
  • Texting while driving is considered to be a lot more dangerous than driving drunk. This is so even if you resort to checking your phone or sending a few messages during a traffic jam. 55% of phone users text while they are driving.
  • More people have cell phones than toilets, across the world. That means there are people possibly going to the toilet in the woods and checking their smartphones while they do so.

Closing Note:

Remind yourself to unplug and recharge once in a while, whether it is committing to a smartphone-free hour at home or a smartphone-free week. It can be daunting, but the benefits for your mental health and peace are undeniable.

At the same time, exercise restraint. The next time you find yourself reaching for your smartphone during a lull in the day, opt instead to let your mind wander. Mindfulness techniques can help combat the anxiety that you may encounter. Practice these techniques a couple of times, and you will see for yourself the payoffs in your mood, concentration and stress levels.

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