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How Dangerous is Cellphone Use?

There are numerous studies and conclusions in regards to the long term use of cell phone affects.

Its no secret that over using your cell phone exposes you to radiation and can affect your health.

According to TIME, on an article post in December 18th, of 2017, suggests that high use of cell phone could be directly related to possibilities of certain types of cancers and other health related issues.

With that being said, there is also disagreement between scientists on serious these conclusions are.

Most experiments come back with the same conclusions though: Try to keep cell phones away from your body when you do not use them. For example, placing them in your purse, bag, or backpack. Another suggestion is to try and use the speakerphone more often on phone calls you use your cell phone on.

Another idea is to minimize the phone calls you take on your phone and try to do it via desktop applications such as Skype.

With over 90% of Americans owning a cell phone, these are alarming revelations without mattering how serious they are.

If there is even the slightest of chances that phone radiation and phone use does affect our health, we need to take precautions!

Though there have not been many researches done on health issues related to children cell phone use, there is still a chance of cell phone use radiation having negative affects on children.

cell phone radiation

Here are some facts about cell phone use:

The Nokia 1100 is the best selling gadget in history. The Nokia 1100 sold over 150 million phones.

In 2012, Apple sold over 300,000 phones per day. A record yet to be broken by their competitors.

Current cell phone models have more power then the computers who were used to land the Apollo 11 mission.

Over 70% of the world’s cell phone currently in use were produced in China.

Over 80% of people around the world use a cell phone or own a cell phone.

There are 5 times more cell phones then there are PC computers!

50% of cell phone users use their phone to play games. 30% of cell phone users use their cell phone to use social media.

The cost of the first cell phone in the United States was $4,000, this was back in 193.

Mobile phones give out radiation even when they are not being used for phone calls.

There is more radiation use on your mobile phone when signal is poor.

35% of children over the age of 12 now own a mobile cell phone.

The first cell phone dates back to 1874 and was made by a person name Martin Cooper. He worked for Motorolla.

The term ‘cell phone’ comes from the idea that signal tower serve a single which is then divided into cells and connects with each other to create a seamless connection.

The average cell phone has 20 times more bacteria then the average toilet handle.

Cell phone owners open their phones without actually using it over 100 times per day.

In China there are more 1.3 Billion people with cell phones.

In the United States there are more then 395 mobile subscriptions.

With most of the world owning a cell phone, its now easier to connect and stay in touch with pretty much any person around the world. We can simply click a button and connect to anyone, regardless of their connection. We need o take into consideration the health aspects of cell phone usage and ensure we are taking proper precautions to stay healthy while using cell phones!