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Are You Addicted to your Phone?

Signs you are Addicted to your Phone!

It is no secret, and most of us are guilty of it! With the new era of smart phones, we just can’t seem to get our eyes off those little screens. It is if the world around us seized to exist and we must experience everything through the screens in the palm of our hands. Smart phone sales are exploding all over the world. People are sharing, tweeting, taking pictures, blogging, posting and living through their phones! In the United States 90% of Adults have a cell phone. That is a really worrying number considering the US population consists of about 325 million people!

Here are some symptoms that might suggest you could be addicted to your phone.

  • You always hold your phone no matter where you go to. Including the toilet and private places
  • The first thing you do in the morning is check your phone.
  • You spend your free time on social apps without any goal.
  • You are preoccupied with your phone even when you are in a social event.
  • You always "need" to buy the newest phone.
  • When you are without your phone you tend to: Freakout, get angry, be restless, can’t wait to hold your phone again.
  • You are not as social as you used to be around people.
  • You spend more time on your phone then interacting with people.

couple addicted to their phone

Smartphones are great and can make our lives a lot easier. But if we do not use them correctly they can destroy our lives and make us suffer! Ask yourself what type of a life you would like to live. Though the little phone, which is designed so beautifully seems harmless; it can cause us long term as well as show term problems.

According to CNN research: 50% of teenagers feel addicted to their phones. Teenagers spend most of their time on smart phones and tablets instead of being outside and experiencing the world, as well as encroaching themselves with reading, and playing sports!

People with phone addiction have reported issue such as: intimacy issues with partners, arguments, social media fear of missing out, depression and other issues that are now coming up due to this new magical device.

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