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How to Prevent Mobile Addiction.

There are ongoing arguments about companies like Apple and Samsung who are creating their products in order to get their users to spend as much time as possible not their phone. People would argue that this is actually bad for companies for the long term. When you spend more time on your phone you make phone providers and phone companies more money. Therefore, it is in their best interest to keep you engaged not their phone for as long as necessary.

Here are some tips on how to prevent mobile addiction which has become a a big issue in latest years.

  • Keep a schedule on when you use your phone for your free time.
  • Turn off all push notifications which make you go back to your phone and checking it time and time again.
  • Remove all distracting apps off your phone. These apps are time wasters and time killers.
  • Do not bring your phone into bed. Go to sleep without your phone.
  • Spend your first 30 morning minutes without your phone. We tend to wake up and check our phone immediately. Hold off, do not check your phone as soon as you get out of bed. Give yourself some time to be with yourself and spend time with yourself.
  • Dim your phone, so its harder to use and hard to see the apps. This would make you watch your phone less and make it less comfortable to use.
  • Monitor your cellphone use. Budget a time and time frame for your phone use.
  • Offer yourself some prizes for making your goals on not using your phone.
  • Start slowly. Do not stop all use of your phone at once. Gradually work your way into a schedule for not using your phone.
  • Take a phone-away holiday. Get your affairs in order before you take a cell phone free holiday and step away from your phone for a couple days. It will feel great, you will see!
  • Change the setting on your phone.
  • Lock your phone so its hard to use every time you get back to it.
  • Change the way you see your phone. Do not be enslaved to your phone and its battery life. Remind yourself that whatever is happening on your phone right now is not the most important thing in the world you need to get to.

Give yourself time to adjust to the idea that your phone is not the entire universe and the universe does not surround you being on your phone and responding to every message or notification you receive!

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