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Pinellas County Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Pinellas County?

by Kobe C.

Pinellas County Public Records, Public Records Pinellas County

How to Find Public Records in Pinellas County?

Pinellas County is located in Florida and was founded in 1912. The country, while being one of the smallest counties in Florida is home to the first scheduled commercial passenger flight that took place in 1914 and had historical significance as being home to a training base for US soldiers during World War II. Pinellas County houses about 975,000 residents within its boundaries and its seat is Clearwater. It is within Clearwater that all the public offices are located, including the ones needed to find public records. 

If you are looking for public records, whether it be property records, vital records such as birth, marriage, and death certificates or criminal records, this guide will show you the easiest and simplest ways to find public records in Pinellas County. 

Pinellas County Public Records

How to Locate Records in Pinellas County?

The best way to start a search would identify where you need to look. There main place where records are kept in Pinellas County is The Circuit Court. Most of the records kept there you can order online through a Public Records Request Form to the Clerk of the Circuit Court which has access to all records in the following areas: 

Probate Court Records- The Probate Court keeps records of estate cases, guardianships of minors and incapacitated persons, mental health cases, and drug and alcohol abuse cases. So if you are looking for wills, death certificates, orders of discharge, orders of summary or letters of administration this is the place to look. 

Civil Court Records- There are four major types of cases within Civil Court Records. Circuit Civil cases are those where someone seeks reparations for damages that are more than $15,000. Other actions handled by the civil court are property related matters including mortgage foreclosures, lien foreclosures, and negligence suits. The court also covers family cases including adoptions, dissolution of marriage, child custody and domestic violence. Some examples of documents found in this department are Final Judgments, Complaints and Petitions, and Income Deduction Orders.

Criminal/ Traffic Court Records- This court handles cases and paperwork relating to a felony, misdemeanor violations, county, and municipal ordinance violations, boating, fishing, and miscellaneous non-criminal infractions, traffic citations, parking violations, and juvenile dependency and delinquency cases. Some examples of documents found in this department are Citations, Violations of Probation, Sentence & Guidelines, Judgment & Sentences and Complaints/Information.

Public Records Pinellas County

Official Records- The Clerk of the Circuit Court is the County Recorder and is responsible for recording all of the Official Records of Pinellas County, Florida. Also, the Recording Department indexes, and maintains archives of all the Official Records from 1912 to the present date. Some examples of documents that are recorded and available in this department include Liens, Mortgages, Deeds, Judgments, Marriage Licenses (recorded within Pinellas County) and Death Certificates. 

Board Records: As the Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC), the Board Records Department is the official keeper of the records dating back to 1912 of the results of actions taken at public meetings. Among the records available from the Board Records Department are County ordinances, Resolutions, Official minutes of the BCC meetings, Agreements, leases and contracts approved by the Board, Dock permits issued by the BCC acting as the Water and Navigation Control Authority

How to Request Records in Pinellas County

Many of these are records are viewable without registering or submitting a request by running a search on the County Clerk’s Public Record Search. If the records you need are not there you can file a request in 4 ways:

E-mail: Complete the Public Records Request Form to electronically request public records

Mail: Request public records by mail. Send your request to Public Records Request, Pinellas County Marketing & Communications, 333 Chestnut St., Clearwater, FL 33756

In-person: When requesting public records in person, you can stop by Pinellas County Marketing & Communications at 333 Chestnut St., Clearwater, FL 33756. You may also make a Public Record Request at any Pinellas County Department. 

By Phone: When requesting public records by phone, contact Pinellas County Marketing & Communications at (727) 464-4600.

Aside from these offices, it is possible to request public records from the Pinellas County Tax Collector’s Office, these records generally include property taxes, auto tags, and driver’s licenses. In order to attain these, you should make an appointment with the tax collector. 

Other Ways to Find Public Records in Pinellas County

Aside from going through the records office in Pinellas County, there are other methods of finding public records through a public record search online. Many websites aggregate public records and create a platform that makes it easy to search for these records. You would need the name of there person the record is attached to as well as the date of birth in order to narrow down the results of our search. This tool may be more effective than using the Pinellas County website as if your query has other records that are not located within Pinellas County, the public record search can find them as well. 

How to Find Public Records in Pinellas County

Some of these sites are:

MyHeritage- This site is dedicated to helping people find their family history, but you can search anyone's public records. The site searches through hundreds of millions of Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death, and Census Records to find the information you need. The site also has Military and Immigration Records, historical newspapers and other searchable records.  

TruthFinder- The TruthFinder Public Record tool makes searching for public records online simple, convenient, and fast. In order to use the tool, you will need a first and last name, address, telephone or mobile number, or an email address. 

GoLookUp- With a GoLookUp membership, you can do run unlimited public record search of the millions of records the platform has aggregated. GoLookUp's Public Records search, allows you to save time and find important information with the click of a button.

Been Verified- The Been Verified Public Record Search allows you to search by using a person’s name or by looking through the database by first finding the state and then county of the record you are looking for. Been Verified has millions of public records to search through, so any details you have to narrow down the results will be important.


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