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Alexandria Police Departments Information

The Alexandria Police Departments is the law enforcement agency in the city of Alexandria, in Virginia State.

About the department

The City of Alexandria Police Department formally commenced its operations on July 15, 1870. While the formal operations commenced in 1870, constables were working for the city since 1797. The jurisdiction of the department is spread over 15.4 square miles in and around the city of Alexandria.

The police department is governed by the city of Alexandria. There are 323 law enforcement officers working in the department. It also has 152 civilian staff working in various positions. Michael L Brown is the Chief of Alexandria Police.

The Alexandria Police Department Address is:

Alexandria City Hall,

301 King Street,

Alexandria, VA 22314.

Alexandria Police Departments

The main phone number of the department is (703) 746 HELP (4357). There are six different hotlines available that work 24/7. They are:

Adult Protective Services: (703) 746 5778

Child Protective Services: (703) 746 5800

Domestic Violence: (703) 746 4911

Emergency Mental Health Services: (703) 746 3401

Sexual Assault: (703) 746 7273

Substance Abuse: (703) 746 3636

While there is no general Alexandria Police Department Email address, the department can be contacted through the Call-Click-Connect initiative available on the following webpage https://request.alexandriava.gov/CCC/#tab=0

The website of the police department in Alexandria is https://www.alexandriava.gov/Police

Alexandria Police Departments Organization

The structure of the organization has the Chief of Police at the top, who is the overall head of the police department in the city. There is an Assistant Chief of Police and a Deputy Chief of Police to assist the Chief in his responsibilities. Captains are next in the hierarchy, followed by Lieutenants, Sergeants, Police officers, and Recruit officers.

The Alexandria police department has three main wings – the Field operations bureau, investigative services bureau, and Administrative services bureau.

The Field operations bureau is responsible for field operations that include patrol duty to prevent crime. This is the division that would respond to emergency calls. Since they are usually the first of the scene of a crime, they carry out preliminary investigations. There are three patrol sectors, a community-oriented police section, K-9 unit, parking enforcement unit, and Homeland security office that co-ordinates with other agencies for homeland security.

Alexandria Police Department

The Investigative services bureau is responsible for investigating all crimes in the city, including police misconduct cases. The bureau has a criminal investigation section, a section for internal investigations, crime scene investigation section, and a vice narcotics unit.

The Administrative Services Bureau handles all administrative matters related to the police in the city. It has units to handle personnel and training, technology division, crime analysis unit, and a facilities management unit.

Becoming a Police Officer

One can become a police officer in Alexandria by clearing a written test as and when the test is notified. Background checks, polygraph test, psychological examination, medical examination, and a final interview with the police chief are part of the selection process. If you are selected, then you need to undergo a 20 week training at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy. If you are interested to become a police officer in Alexandria, you can get more information by visiting https://www.alexandriava.gov/police/info/default.aspx?id=9064

Reporting a crime

People can report a crime in Alexandria by calling 911. If the situation is not an emergency and there is no crime in progress, then the online reporting facility offered by the department can be used to report crimes. Online reports can be filed by visiting the webpage at https://secure.coplogic.com/dors/startreport/300001742

The crimes that can be reported using online reporting include larceny, theft, vandalism, hit and run, lost property, harassing phone calls, and auto tampering.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!