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Anaheim Police Departments Information

Though many factors contribute to and ensure the safety of people living in a country, it is the tireless efforts that are made by the law-enforcing authorities that play a very significant role in this huge and uphill task. In fact, while discharging their duties, the officials and the authorities working for the law-enforcing agencies frequently face new and unique experiences because those who are responsible for the occurrence of the incidents and crimes seem to adopt innovative ways for carrying out their activities. In short, the folks who commit these crimes keep the authorities on toes which means that the authorities should always be having a close watch on how things are happening around.

The authorities aim to ensure that the citizens of their countries should live without fear. Only if such societies live in their countries, governments can hold their heads high. Unfortunately, even today, and after several civilizations, there are countries in which people live in constant fear. This shows the governments of this handful of countries either do not take the right measures for ensuring the safety of their citizens, or they are apathetic towards the common good of the people living there.

Fortunately, the USA is one among the most civilized countries, and hence, the US government does not leave any stone unturned for providing the best possible security and safety to the citizens of the nation. There are Federal laws, and apart from them, the state governments have also put in place separate laws for ensuring the safety of people living in their states because the US Constitution allows this. In addition to the laws, the governments, both Federal and the state governments, have set up establishments such as courts, police departments, and several other agencies for implementing the laid-down laws scrupulously. Even every city of the states has its police department. Let us now look at a few of the details of the city of Anaheim police departments. The city of Anaheim is in the state of California.

Anaheim Police Departments
Contact information of the police department of Anaheim

Those who want to get in touch with the city of Anaheim police department can call +1 714-765-1900 and report the issues they are facing or seek the information, if any, they may need.

Address of the police department of Anaheim city.

For those who want the Anaheim police department address for visiting the office of the agency or for sending letters or other items to the agency, the details are given below:

425 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805, USA.

What is the website of the police department of the city of Anaheim?

There may be people who want to know quite a bit of information about the police department of the city of Anaheim. They can have the information they need by visiting the website of the department. https://www.anaheim.net/171/Police-Department is the website link of the agency. Similarly, there may be citizens who may look to sending email messages to the department. Since Anaheim police department email address is not available, people can visit the website of the agency, open the "contact us" page, fill in the details on the form on the page, and submit it. The officials of the department will send their replies or take the required action without any delay.

City of Anaheim Police Department
A few other details about the police department of the city of Anaheim

The police department of the city of Anaheim was set up during the year 1870. The agency now has around 400 sworn officers. There are approximately 180 civilian employees as well for assisting the officers and for taking care of administrative and other office-related tasks. The department has helicopters also for implementing their measures for ensuring peace and tranquility in the city. These helicopters operate from the Fullerton Municipal Airport.

From all the above, it is quite clear that the Anaheim police has been taking the best possible measures for providing utmost safety and security to the residents of the city.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!