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Anchorage Police Departments Information

Anchorage Police Department – History and Background

The Anchorage Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency in the city of Anchorage, Alaska, United States. The Police Department was founded in the year 1920 and has currently 516 employees in it, with 362 of them being sworn members and 154 being unsworn members. The official jurisdiction of the Police Department is within the city limits of Anchorage in the state of Alaska. Mr. Justin Doll is the present Chief of the Anchorage Police Department. The Mission of the Anchorage Police Department according to its Mission Statement is “to protect and serve our community in the most professional and compassionate manner possible.”

The city of Anchorage has a long and rich history in the United States and it was on November 23, 1920, that the city was officially incorporated as a first-class city. Later in the year, it was decided that John J. Strugus be made the first Chief of Police and thus he began his official tenure on January 1, 1921 at a salary of $200 p.m. On June 19, 1935, the city council had received a petition signed by a few property owners to make a 24X7 police force. The Anchorage Police Department had to, in the initial years, serve on foot and occasionally borrow cars and taxis from the citizens. It was in 1941 when it was finally decided to buy their own police vehicles.

Anchorage Police Departments
The Present Day – Rules to Follow and Goals to Achieve

As of today, the Anchorage Police Department is the largest Police Department in the state of Alaska who serves to approximately 310,000 citizens in an approximate area of 195 sq. mi. The Police Department has several specialized officer units that include the Canine, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Bomb Squad, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), a Crime Scene Team, and Community Action Policing Team. The Anchorage Police Department also has various specialty detective units and has been nationally acknowledged for their unique skills and high crime-solving rate.

The primary goal of the Anchorage Police is to make themselves accessible to the public and they sincerely strive to make the citizens aware of what they should expect from their police department. The policies and procedures confined in the official Police manual are rules and regulations that all employees of the Department must follow while carrying out their mission(s) towards the department.

Anchorage Police Department - Speciality Units

  • Sworn (Officer) Specialty Units
  • Traffic
  • K9
  • Crimes Against Children
  • Cyber Crimes
  • School Resource Officers
  • DEA Task Force
  • Community Relations
  • Financial Crimes
  • Property Crimes
  • Special Victims Unit
  • Vice
  • Homicide
  • Robbery/Assault
  • Internal Affairs
  • Community Action Policing Team
  • Academy Training
  • Recruitment/Backgrounds
  • Patrol
  • Mid shift (11 pm – 9 am)
  • Dayshift (7 am – 5 pm)
  • Swingshift (3 pm – 1 am)
  • Specialty Sworn Teams
  • SWAT
  • Negotiators
  • Crime Scene
  • EOD/Bomb Squad
  • Non-Sworn Units
  • Dispatch
  • Property and Evidence
  • Records
  • Impounds
  • Crime Lab
  • Public Affairs
  • Crime Analysis
  • IT/Data Systems
  • Fiscal
  • Payroll/Personnel
 Anchorage Police Department

Contact Information

It is quite easy to contact the Anchorage Police Department, both in cases of emergency and non-emergencies. Listed below are the different phone numbers which one can unhesitantly dial when and if he or she needs to:-

In an emergency: 911

Non-emergency: 311

Main Number: 907-786-8900, press #2

It has now been easier than ever to locate and find an Anchorage Police Station near you and one can also get help from the Anchorage Police headquarters that is located at:

716 W.4th Aven

Anchorage, AK 99501

The official website of the Police Department in the Municipality of Anchorage is accessible at http://www.muni.org/Departments/police/. Moreover, a person desirous of joining the Anchorage Police force can send his or her application addressed to the Police Chief on the email address that is APDJobs@muni.org.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!