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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of Arizona?

Police records are documents created by the police whenever there is an incident in the state that involved the Police.

Accessing public police records in Arizona is a breeze if you know the procedure involved in the process. The state has maintained updated databases of persons involved in civic violations and those that have committed crimes. People across the state can view these records by following a simple procedure which is discussed in detail in the following sections. If you are searching for a police record for an event that occurred in the state of Arizona, read through.

Arizona Police Records
Why do you need Police Records?

  • You want to ensure that your new dating partner is a reliable person. Conducting a background check on a person that is closely associated with your life is certainly a good idea.
  • You are suspicious about the statements/claims made by your potential employee; you want to make sure he is not lying.
  • You are hiring a domestic helper for your family and want no risk; checking on his/her history enables you to make the right decision.
  • You want to know how truthful or honest your new friend/colleague/coach is before getting too involved with the individual.
  • You want your own police record for personal/travel/immigration reasons.
  • Law enforcement and judicial agencies to require police records for legal reasons.

These are only some of the reasons to search for police records. There are a lot more reasons which depend upon individual requirements.

How to obtain Police Records in Arizona?

The Department of Public Safety’s Criminal History Records Section maintains centralized databases of police records in the state of Arizona. In fact, the department maintains all public documents in the state since 1969. The Department of Public Safety compiles reports from various agencies/departments such as the Department of liquor licenses and Control, Highway Patrol, the Law department’s Narcotics Division and more. Besides, the agency also educates the residents on matters relating to public safety and imposes state laws.

Arizona Public police Records
However, Arizona differs from the other states in the U.S when it comes to the search method. The state allows only fingerprinting search and the person that requests the police record must abide by the Record Review Instruction Packet that comes with a form, pre-addressed envelope, fingerprint card as well as for instructions for executing the packet. No payment is involved if you are requesting your own police report however if you are placing the order for someone else’s record, you need to pay a prescribed fee that does not exceed $30/copy.

It is also possible to request a copy through a lawyer but you need to provide notarized permission in order to enable your attorney to apply on behalf of you. Once you complete and submit the request form, it will be processed within 2 weeks. Since the public in the state of Arizona has the right to access public documents including police reports, you should request the record of any person you are suspicious about.

Arizona Police Records Online

You can retrieve police records online in Arizona. Since the number of applicants requesting public records has increased of late, the turnaround time to receive the records has also increased; so, if you are short of time and want quick results, you can look up to the internet to get your job done.

  • Look for a trustworthy Arizona search website that assures money refund in case your record cannot be found
  • Provide your details and make the payment
  • Provide basic information on the person on record. With a few simple clicks, you will receive the report on your email address.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!